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Me and My Bed vs. Tahn

Ok. I have a situation. Tahnee is a bed hog.

Tahn has a clear and defined “side” of the bed, and is completely aware of it. When we go to bed, I tell her “your side” and in the past she would jump on the bed then walk to her “side” and lie down.

But, lately, she walks to the middle of the bed and then snuggles on my side, completely infringing on my personal space. Plus, it is still slightly summer weather, and frankly it’s hot.

Tahnee, in the middle of my clean bed. Actually, she is more on my side than hers...

For years, I couldn’t bribe Tahnee to snuggle with me. If I pulled her closer to me, she would grunt and the roll away. However, this summer despite the occasional heat, there was my black lab, with her fur coat, snuggled up right beside me. At first I was elated! Tahn is a snuggle bunny and finally snuggling with me!

But now, I am just annoyed. Not only is she invading my personal space, but she also goes off of her designed sheet she is suppose to lie on (to keep the hair and dirt off my other sheets and blanket). Tahn now lies completely on my side while her side is clean, and my blanket is dirty, stinky and covered with fur.

I know what you’re thinking. “Just don’t let her on the bed”. I know. I know. But, I really like her on my bed with me. Especially since I don’t live in the best neighborhood, it is nice to have a breathing, loving being next to me.

And, let’s just be honest, she loves it.

Ok, let’s be really honest. I love it.

What’s a Crazy Dog Lady to do? Well. Here’s my plan:

Rule #1: she must stay on her side.
Rule #2: if she violates Rule #1, she gets moved to her side.
Rule #3: if she violates Rule #1 and #2, she gets kicked off for the night…

That’s the plan. Updates will be provided on the status of this serious problem.



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