As I sit at my computer, feverish sick with this dumb summer (or fall?) cold, I am physically very uncomfortable. However, I would like to capture some thoughts that I had this week at work.

This week at my new job, I had the opportunity to meet a bunch of new people inside and outside my organization. I realized that, I really, really like meeting new people. It was so exciting to collaborate and learn from different people from different backgrounds. I felt invigorated to learn new ideas, and figure out the best solutions to challenges.

My other realization was that despite continuous evidence, younger women aren’t always treated as inferiors by men.

At the beginning of this week, I met a man was maybe in his forties and at first seemed to have a slightly brash, outspoken, personality. After meeting the man and observing these traits, I didn’t really have a positive or negative opinion of him.

One of my main job tasks this week was to keep everyone on the same page and the communication flowing. I spent a good amount of time with this man answering his questions, getting to know him, and learning about his role in this new project.

Soon, this man primarily came to me with all of his questions. He was very easy to talk to and communicate with. I didn’t expect for a man of his “personality” to warm up to me and treat me with such respect. He treated me like an equal, and a valuable member of the team. His professionalism and confidence was so amazing to me.

This whole week I thought, “why is he treating me with such respect?” For one thing, I know that my supervisor expected everyone who interacted with me to respect me, and made it clear that I am part of his team. I also know that I was more available than others, and it was probably convenient for him to come to me.

But, I don’t think that is why he was so respectful to me. I think he may have seen his daughter in me, as a young woman working very hard and trying to build a career for herself. Maybe he is treating me the way he would want his daughter or wife to be treated. Or, quite possibly, he is just a nice man.

Whatever the reason for his respect and kindness is not important. What is important is that I felt that maybe things are really starting to change in the “Man’s Work World”, and that maybe things are really starting to be different. Either way, it felt pretty good.


On a side note, Tahnee is working tirelessly as a nurse to make me feel better. She would like the acknowledgment of all her hard work. Tahn, I appreciate you.


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3 responses to “Realizations

  1. Stephen

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Sarah

    I love it! You deserve to be respected by EVERYONE, ALWAYS! Love you! 🙂

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