200 Men

Today, I watched the second part of Oprah’s “200 men show”, where her audience was full of 200 men coming forward with their stories of being molested as a child. One of the reasons Oprah did this show is to have the 200 men represent all of the men in the world who have been molested. Staggering statistics estimate that 1 in 6 men were molested, and many men haven’t been able to come forward with their story to their loved ones.

This has been a moving and emotional education for me and I encourage you to go to Oprah’s website (http://www.oprah.com/showinfo/An-Oprah-Show-Event-200-Men-Who-Were-Molested-Come-Forward-Part-2) and learn more about this show.

Thank you.


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4 responses to “200 Men

  1. blogasana

    thanks, brittany. i watched part of the first episode online and it was really emotional. those men are courageous. thanks for passing this along… xo

  2. Sarah

    whaaaaaa….I had no idea! That is so tragic and crazy…wow.


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