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I have been easily upset lately. By people. By specific people. These people who are hurting me have been getting under my skin and really offending me. I get so frustrated and overwhelmed that I often find myself looking for ways to calm down.

And the worst part, these people have no idea how much they are bothering me. They have no clue that I get so worked up and annoyed. They are just living their lives, (being thoughtless, rude, or unkind) just doing their thing. They have no intention to upset me. (Trust me, they are way too self-centered to actually try. See? There. I did it again!)

So again today, I had a few blood boiling moments. A few moments of wasted energy. Energy that I could have been spent doing productive, good, and positive things. I started thinking about why I get so irritated and what it’s doing to me – and more importantly how I can change my reaction.

I thought back to a conversation I had a few months ago with a woman I know who has great energy and an amazing spirit. She told me about a difficult life experience she had. She was treated terribly by her coworkers because she was a woman. My friend was the only woman in an all male organization. For years she endured a torturous work environment, and yet, maintained a level of dignity.

When she told me about this experience, she mainly spoke of the last day she was at that job. Some of the men apologized to her for the mean way they treated her for so many years. They were ashamed for treating her so poorly and spoke of how they shuddered to think of anyone treating their wives or daughters in the manner that they treated her.

Her response? She thanked them for being her teachers. Her teachers. She said that each man taught her so much about resilience, her spirit, her strength, and her abilities to overcome any obstacles in her life.

So, in the spirit of my wise friend, I will send thankful energy to my teachers – those who have upset me the most and thank them for the lessons they have taught me and will continue to teach me.


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