No Cable Here

One of the things I was excited about in my new apartment was getting cable TV. I just couldn’t wait to get cable and DVR. I have a few favorite shows that I just love and usually can’t catch them when they air. Thus, the love of DVR. Although it is crazy expensive to have cable, DVR, and internet it was totally worth it for me!

However, in my current financial situation I just couldn’t afford it. So, I was going to put it off until sometime in the near future and just watch a lot of movies until then. Then, for Christmas, my dad got me a Roku box. Yes. A Roku box. In is a very niffty little device that allows you to watch Netflix Instant Movies as well as Hulu Plus (and other instant TV shows).

When I finally got internet in February, I could hook up my Roku box. Instantly, I loved it. Only paying around $8.00 a month (for Hulu Plus), I got to instantly stream TV shows and movies to my TVs. Also, I get to stream movies straight from my Netflix account.

So, guess what? I am not getting cable anymore. I’m going to keep my $100 a month, Comcast. I’m completely satisfied with my TV choices. 🙂


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