Happy Cesar Chavez Day

Since I am an employee of the state of California, (aka a Civil Servant – actually not because I am a contractor and not a permanent employee because of the damn hiring freeze… okay, don’t get me started) I have today off. Not tomorrow. Just today. A Thursday. You would think they would give us Friday off so we could have a 3-day weekend. But, I guess that is not the point. The point is to celebrate Cesar Chavez. (Who I actually think was rad, but I still want Friday off).

All week, I have had ambitious plans of what I was going to do on this day off. So, on Monday I created this list. Tuesday, I confirmed it. And Wednesday, I was actually looking forward to it. Here was the list:

  • Walk Tahn to the dog park, let her play for at least half an hour
  • Vacuum and mop the floors in my apartment
  • Do all my laundry
  • Go to the noon spin class at my gym
  • Shower, then since it’s suppose to be 80 degrees today (I freaking love California) walk Tahn to a nearby park and lay on the grass reading
  • Come home and get ready for happy hour
  • Attend happy hour with my friends, enjoying the 80 degree weather

Now, it is Thursday morning approximately 9:30am. This is what I now want to do:

  • Drink another cup of coffee while watching the last episode of “Californication” on my Netflix DVD
  • Drive Tahn to the dog park, let her play for a half an hour
  • Put some clothes in the wash – but only things I really need for the upcoming week
  • Walk Tahn to a nearby park and read
  • Go to happy hour

Sigh. At least I had good intentions.


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