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Tales of Tahnee

Everyday I come home for lunch and hang out with my sweet Tahnee. During my short break, I let her out into the backyard and let her roam around sniffing for rackety-coons and other such vermin. Tahn says that if she ever came across said trespassers, they sure would be sorry. But, until then, she is satisfied just smelling them.

Today was a normal day. I came home, pet Tahn for a few minutes, then opened my back door to let her out while I made myself lunch. Since it was such a nice day, I left my door open so she can come back inside whenever she wants.

And usually, after five minutes or so, Tahn meanders back inside.

But today, I realized I was done with eating my lunch and Tahn still hadn’t wandered back in. Not totally uncommon for her to take her time, so I got up to see what she was doing.

When I approached my back door I saw a straight shot to my back gate – and it was wide open. Sometimes, in a huge storm or on a particularly breezy day (like today), the gate flies open (it’s not that secure…)

And usually, on such occurrences, Tahn doesn’t even notice it is open. She is so aimless present-in-the-moment that doesn’t realize it and goes about sniffing the yard.

Upon first glance of the yard I did not see Tahnee.

I quickly walked outside, calling for Tahnee.

Upon second glance of the yard I did not see Tahnee.

“Tahnee!! Tahnee!!!!” I started yelling. Louder and louder since she did not appear.

I said to myself, “don’t freak out until you have something valid to freak out about.”

Upon third glance of the yard and I still did not see Tahnee, I was running towards the open gate.

My first thought was, “OhmyGod. This can’t be happening. OhmyGod. OhmyGod. OhmyGod.”

My second thought was, “I will have to call my boss and tell her I am not coming back to work until I find my dog.”

I really started to panic.

“She just has to be okay. She can’t be under a bus somewhere. OhmyGod. This can’t be happening!!!!”

Since I live in between two very busy streets, it is very probable a car would hit her. Or a bus. And since Tahn is aimless present-in-the-moment dog, she tends to be unaware of her surroundings.

As soon as I passed the open gate, there was Tahn. She was sniffing a pile of dirt in the alley where I believe a homeless man sleeps occasionally.

I know what you are thinking. You expect I would be full of joy.

“Yay! Tahnee!! I am so happy you’re okay! I love you so much!!”

But, instead, I was pissed.

“Why didn’t she come when she was called? What the hell was she thinking?!?!”

I know what you are thinking. You think I am a jerk. Well, I guess I when I have such a great dog who always comes when she is called even though she is a aimless present-in-the-moment dog, I expect that if she doesn’t come it’s because something is seriously wrong.

Fortunately, nothing was wrong. Nothing at all. Tahn is just a big huge idiot sweet little girl in her own world, and she was just fine.

I have to say I sure was thankful for her when I came home from work tonight and she greeted me at my door. I was so happy when after she ate, we played chase in the backyard. And, I am especially grateful to have her lying next to me right now.


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Cleanse Complete

Today I completed my two week cleanse from all social media – primarily Facebook and Twitter.

Damn was it hard.

I was so excited to finally go on Facebook this morning. I imagined how many notifications I had, how many messages I had, how many fun things I missed. As soon as my browser loaded, I was disappointed. Besides a friend request from a third cousin, I missed NOTHING. No notifications, no messages, nothing interesting or important.


This really has just confirmed that my addiction to Facebook is pretty ridiculous. The addiction isn’t derived from anything actually real – just an idea I have been programmed to believe. I believed that Facebook was such a great way to keep informed with my friends and family – but clearly, I haven’t missed anything important in the last two weeks.

This cleanse reminds me of how I went a year without having a “text” function on my phone. Although turning my text function off was inspired after a guy canceled a date with me over text, I really kept it turned off for two reasons: the cost savings (it’s an extra $10 a month) and “the lack communication” reason.

People use texts to replace conversations all the time. Instead of calling someone on the phone and talking about something, they text it. I hate those texts. Unless I am in a place where being on the phone is completely inappropriate, I will not partake in said texts.

I know I am not the first person to say this, but all of this technology that is designed to bring us together actually can pull us apart. And, I hate to say it, but Facebook is one of them.

In the past two weeks, I spent more time with friends, walked Tahn a lot more, and started reading a new book. My inability to be on Facebook really taught me that I rely on Facebook to give me pleasure that isn’t real (i.e. reading someone’s Facebook post that mentions me) and that I need to spend my time, energy and thoughts on something much more productive.

So, from here on forward I will be limiting my use of Facebook, and asking my intention for going on the website, asking myself a few questions. Am I on Facebook trying to waste time? Or to connect with a friend? What is the purpose?

And hopefully my addiction won’t switch over to Twitter…

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In all of my Facebook free time, I’ve had a chance to read my favorite blogs – and discover new ones. In the last three days, I’ve read three anniversary tributes.

I hope that one day I will write something like this:

Or this:

Or have this written about me:

Happy Monday.

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Week One

My name is Brittany, and I’m a Facebookaholic.

I haven’t been on Facebook for over a week and I really, really, miss it. What this week without Facebook has taught me is not that I miss seeing my Facebook “friend’s” posts, but I miss updating my status. I have a whole week of status updates in my head and I just have to get them out:

I am loving this weather.

Tahn would really like a walk tonight but I am just not feeling it.

I LOVED my yoga class tonight.

Dodgeball! Dodgeball! Dodgeball!

Feeling defeated. (Editor’s note – I was referring to losing a dodge ball game – it’s all good now).

So tired today…

I am turning into my brother. I am making everyone I know listen to Britney Spear’s new CD and asking their opinions.

Beautiful day!

Phew. I feel better. Well, do I? What did the world lose by not seeing those status updates all week? The people on Facebook who usually comment on my statuses are people who I normally see or talk to on a regular basis and I usually tell them about everything I post. So, why do I need to post?

Actually, not posting my status forced conversations where there previously wasn’t. Usually, I would go to tell a friend something, like, “We lost our dodgeball game last night”. And they would say, “Yeah. I know. I read it on Facebook”. Facebook, while at times is great at spreading information to all your friends, usually handicaps most relationships. Facebook has taken the excitement out of many conversations. As opposed to telling your friends you are engaged, people usually post it on Facebook and then get a huge amounts of comments – which I bet would be more fun to receive over the phone or in person. Or even in a text message. (And I hate text messages. But, I think it would be more personal than a Facebook post)

In addition, I really only allow a handful of my Facebook “friends” to view my wall/ status updates. I do this because I feel I don’t want everyone I am Facebook “friends” with to see what I am posting about. Which, really negates why we are friends. If I don’t want you to see what I am posting about or a picture I added, then tell me again, why are we Facebook “friends”?

Because of the stupid Facebook Shenanigans. (One of my favorite bloggers coined that phrase and I love it). People use the “friending” and “unfriending” of Facebook “friends” as such an important measure of how others feel about them. Like “accepting” someone to be your friend actually means something. News flash: many people will “accept” you to be their Facebook “friend” just because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. Then, after sometime goes by, they “defriend” you.

So then, I have two questions:

  1.      Why would it hurt your feelings if someone didn’t “friend” you on Facebook?
  2.      Why do you care?

Okay, I ask these questions not only to you, my dear readers of 45 people, but I also ask them of myself. I admit that I have “accepted” people and then “defriended” them after some time has past. I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. However, I have never cared when someone has “defriended” me. I actually think it’s ridiculous. And very silly. If you and I are friends, you know it. We don’t have to be linked on a social networking website for me to prove that to you.

This week of not being on Facebook or Twitter (Twitter! I can’t forget about you?! Twitter, you are my favorite because you are 100% status updates. Oh, Twitter. I miss you!) This wee has not only shown me that I love to update my status, or that being someone’s Facebook “friend” really means nothing about anything, but it also has shown me how much time I waste on Facebook. I realized that every morning I probably spent anywhere from 1-15 minutes on Facebook. At lunch, I would also spend another 1-10 minutes on Facebook. And in the evening, I could spend another 10 minutes on Facebook.

That means I was spending as much as a half an hour everyday on Facebook.

That could count towards another 30 minutes of sleep, or 30 minutes of reading, or 30 minutes at the gym, or 30 more minutes of walking Tahn. Anyway you look at it, I realized Facebook is a waste of time.

I have another week in my cleanse, and I suspect, just like last week, this week may not be any easier. I think, in fact, it may be even harder. But, I am excited to see what I learn next….


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Social Media Cleanse

Last week, I stayed at a hotel for work and did not have internet. I couldn’t see the adorable pictures of Tahn that my dad sent me. I couldn’t check Facebook or Twitter. Even more, I couldn’t post on Facebook how overly irritated I was with the very expensive hotel I was staying in was completely inadequate because they didn’t offer free internet and I didn’t get bath towels either night I stayed there. I felt like I was going through withdrawals. I was miserable.

It wasn’t until Tuesday night (two whole days!) that I could finally check Facebook. And you know what? Nothing happened. Maybe one of my friends talked about a new movie coming out, but really, I missed nothing.

I thought about my amazing yoga teacher and how she had a social media cleanse at the end of 2010. I felt she was so brave, but I could never do it. But, after this week, I realized that I could do it, and actually I should do it. I spend so much free time on Facebook or Twitter and I could use that time doing so many better things! So, as of Sunday, April 10, I will take a social media cleanse for two weeks – then I will post about my experience.

So, for now, goodbye, my Facebook Friends and Twitter followers. I will miss you.


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