Cleanse Complete

Today I completed my two week cleanse from all social media – primarily Facebook and Twitter.

Damn was it hard.

I was so excited to finally go on Facebook this morning. I imagined how many notifications I had, how many messages I had, how many fun things I missed. As soon as my browser loaded, I was disappointed. Besides a friend request from a third cousin, I missed NOTHING. No notifications, no messages, nothing interesting or important.


This really has just confirmed that my addiction to Facebook is pretty ridiculous. The addiction isn’t derived from anything actually real – just an idea I have been programmed to believe. I believed that Facebook was such a great way to keep informed with my friends and family – but clearly, I haven’t missed anything important in the last two weeks.

This cleanse reminds me of how I went a year without having a “text” function on my phone. Although turning my text function off was inspired after a guy canceled a date with me over text, I really kept it turned off for two reasons: the cost savings (it’s an extra $10 a month) and “the lack communication” reason.

People use texts to replace conversations all the time. Instead of calling someone on the phone and talking about something, they text it. I hate those texts. Unless I am in a place where being on the phone is completely inappropriate, I will not partake in said texts.

I know I am not the first person to say this, but all of this technology that is designed to bring us together actually can pull us apart. And, I hate to say it, but Facebook is one of them.

In the past two weeks, I spent more time with friends, walked Tahn a lot more, and started reading a new book. My inability to be on Facebook really taught me that I rely on Facebook to give me pleasure that isn’t real (i.e. reading someone’s Facebook post that mentions me) and that I need to spend my time, energy and thoughts on something much more productive.

So, from here on forward I will be limiting my use of Facebook, and asking my intention for going on the website, asking myself a few questions. Am I on Facebook trying to waste time? Or to connect with a friend? What is the purpose?

And hopefully my addiction won’t switch over to Twitter…

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  1. Sarah

    Good for you Boo!:)

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