Viruses and A-Fib

Today was a normal Monday.

I woke up early, fed Tahn, got dressed, and went to my 6 am spin class. I came home, showered, made breakfast, and sat down to read my email and my favorite blogs. I opened my email and got this from my dad:

DON’T CLICK ON THAT LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I maybe kinda sorta freaked out.

I instantly called him, not knowing what to do. My dad told me that he got a “virus” email from me early Monday morning. I am a Mac user, and for over 8 years, I have never gotten a computer virus. It has been great. I loved to boast to people, “Mac’s don’t get viruses. That’s why I love them so”.

I went to work feeling deflated and sad. My computer was hacked, and I felt invaded. My privacy was compromised.

I decided to buck up, buckle down and work. At around 11 am one of my best friends, (whom I will refer to as TL), texted me. TL’s mom, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, was in the hospital with heart problems. I offered to go to the hospital with TL, she accepted, and in less than an hour, I was at the hospital with TL.

TL’s mom was suffering from A-Fib, aka Atrial Fibrillation, aka a heart arrhythmia. Basically, her heartbeat was beating way too quickly. The hospital treated the A-Fib with a very safe and routine procedure: an electric shock to her heart, which restored her heartbeat to a normal rhythm.

The afternoon at the hospital was stressful, but it looks like A-Fib is gone and TL’s mom is doing much better.

I dropped TL off at home, made dinner, and called my dad. I had to get this computer virus killed. He suggested some different anti-virus software. I found a few, downloaded one, and I am crossing my fingers that it killed the virus.

Then, I checked my email. Apparently, many people in my address book got the same “virus” email from me. I got some emails from people I hardly hear from and it was nice to have a connection with them again. But, I also got an email from someone whom I haven’t seen or spoken to in years, and frankly, I hoped I would never have contact with again.

Although today was as abnormal as it could be, I had a good day. I learned that my sweet Mac computer isn’t invincible, that there is no where on Earth I’d rather be then with my dear friend in need, and that when my day is jolted, my friends step up to help me. (Number 3 came and took care of Tahn when I was at the hospital. Number 3 fed Tahn, walked Tahn and gave Tahn lots of love).

And, I am deeply sorry if you got a virus email from me.

Please disregard, and as my dad said, “DON’T CLICK ON THAT LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


*Editor’s Note: Thanks to my medical consultant (aka my brother) I realized that I was calling TL’s mom’s condition V-Fib when in fact, it was A-Fib. My mistake…


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