Funkiness and Friday Night

Ever since returning from the Kinetic Grand Championship, I have been in sort of a funk.

  1. My apartment had a weird, funky smell when I first came home from my trip. I suspect the kitchen sink. (Everything else was clean, I swear!)
  2. I picked up Tahn from my dad’s on Tuesday and she was in such a funk – for days – and is finally better. Tahn was so upset with me for leaving her last weekend and was in a weird place. In her despair, she chewed up four pairs of my socks! (And she never chews my stuff).
  3. Why, you ask, did Tahn have access to four pairs of my socks? I had an enormous laundry pile on my bedroom floor. Why, you ask, did I have an enormous pile of laundry on my bedroom floor? Because my dryer is/was broken, so I couldn’t do laundry. And all those clothes from camping  smelled very funky (especially those that went with me into the Humboldt Bay – but more on that later…)
  4. During my camping trip/ crazy weekend in Humboldt County, one of the coolers in my car leaked and soaked my trunk. Alas, now a nice mildewy smell has permeated my car.

All of these funky things has put me in a funky mood. My three-day-work week felt like ten days long. I missed spending time with Tahnee, but every night this week I had plans I really couldn’t get out of. And, I am busy all weekend.

Except tonight.

Tonight I had bowling. And, last time I went to bowling, I had a lousy time.

So, I opted out for the evening. (Don’t worry, I’m not quitting. I’m going back next week).

I decided to stay in, make a yummy dinner, clean my apartment, bake cookies, and most importantly, hang out with Tahn.

So, that’s what I did. And it felt great.

Goodbye, funkiness.


Photo-roll of the cookie baking: 🙂

My pretty Kitchen Aid mixer. Oh, how I love thee.

Snickerdoodle Batter. YUM.

Tahn helped. (Seriously, this is where she sits when I cook/bake/do dishes. She's very helpful).

Snickerdoodles out of the oven. (I kinda made them too big, thus, they are squares).


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