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Brittany’s review of Britney

On Thursday night, I went to Britney Spears’s Femme Fatale concert.

The last time I went to a Britney concert was around nine years ago. I was still in high school, and I went with my older brother and older sister. The concert was in an outdoor venue in the Bay Area, and our seats were very far away from the stage.

This time around, I got my tickets through Groupon – originally $100 tickets for a bargain price of $52. Even though I am on a very tight budget, I just couldn’t pass it up.

When we got into the arena, I almost died. Although I am not a huge Britney fan, I still would love to see her up close and personal. Our seats were amazing! We were in the “lower level” just behind the floor seats. We could see the stage so well, that looking at the Jumbo Tron was usually a worst view then we had (unless of course, it was a close up).

After the openers, Britney finally came on stage around 9:15pm. Using Britney’s set list, I will go through my review of the concert.

First, there was a video of Britney being chased by a SWAT team, trying to escape them. She shot guns, ran around, and was eventually captured.

1. ‘Hold It Against Me’

Britney came out on stage in a silver, sparkling bikini with black fishnet stockings and ankle boots. Britney was in a little jail cell along with some other women dancers also in little jail cells. Men dressed as policemen (okay, more like policemen strippers) danced around the jail cells keeping the women in them. She performed the first few numbers in and around the cell. Her energy was disappointing. Considering this song is a very upbeat dance song, she did very little dancing. (In fact, she did very little dancing for the first three numbers). But, she looked great.

2. ‘Up N’ Down’

Again, Britney was in and around the jail cell. She stayed in the back of the stage, so she was pretty far away from me. She was finally released from the jail cell and put that pesky male stripper policeman in the jail cell.

3. ‘3’

‘3’ was a great number – the best so far. She finally came down the stage, and talked a little to the crowd. Britney seemed pretty nervous and held back during the first two songs, she started to warm up a little bit on this song.

4. ‘Piece of Me’

Unfortunately, I don’t particularly remember this song. This is one of the few songs that night that I didn’t know, so it was unmemorable.

Then, Britney left the stage and another video came on. This video was of a man in a room full of very old movie making equipment, an old typewriter, and an old radio microphone trying to “hunt down” Britney. They flashed parts of Britney’s music videos. I wasn’t sure if he hated Britney and that’s why he wanted to kill her, or if he loved her so much that he wanted to kill her…

5. ‘Big Fat Bass’

At the beginning of this number, a bunch of basses came out on stage. One very tall and large bass and a bunch of smaller basses. I expected Britney to emerge from the larger bass, but she surprised me when she climbed out a smaller one. Britney was wearing a bustier covered in black lace with black fishnet stocking and different ankle boots. Britney spent most of the time around the basses, climbing on different ones.

6. ‘How I Roll’

Now this is my favorite song on Britney’s new album, Femme Fatale. I just love the way in sounds, and how every time I hear I want to dance. I was so excited this was in Britney’s set list and I couldn’t wait for her to perform it. Unfortunately, it was just mediocre. Again, Britney stayed mostly in the back of the stage and the number didn’t have much energy.

7. ‘Lace and Leather’

This is another performance I don’t really remember. Again, I didn’t recognize the song, so the performance didn’t really stick with me.

8. ‘If U Seek Amy’

Either in this song (or maybe the song before it…) a pink, almost mini Cooper like car emerged from the stage. Britney and her dancers drove the “car” downstage to the very front of the stage (very close to me!) The “car” turned into a mini stage of it’s own, with the doors and hood turning into stairs. In the back of the “car”, there was a chair and a pole attached to the back of the chair.

9. ‘Gimme More’

At this point, the dancers grabbed some microphones and said they were looking for a “volunteer.” They chose a young man with an “I love Britney” t-shirt from the floor seats and he went up on the “car” and sat in the chair. Then, Britney sang about 45 seconds of ‘Gimme More’ while seductively dancing for him. It ended with her using the pole (behind his chair) to hoist herself up in the air behind him, and she wrapped her legs around him. Yes. She wrapped her legs around him. I could just feel all the men in the audience dying with jealously. Then, the “car”, with all the dancers and this lucky “volunteer” sped off stage.

Next, another video came on. It was the same guy in the room plotting to “get” Britney.

10. ‘(Drop Dead) Beautiful’ (feat. Sabi)

Britney came back on stage this time in a gold bikini, again with the black fishnet stocking and a different pair of ankle boots. In this song, while she sang and walked around the stage, on the screens behind her were pictures of naked men, showing every part of a man’s body – well, except one part…

11. ‘He About to Lose Me’

This song is a great song, but I don’t particularly remember it…

12. ‘Boys (Remix)’

I was really excited for this song and this is when Britney started picking up her energy. It was a remix, so different from the original and it was very short.

13. ‘Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know’

‘Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know’ was the only slow song that Britney did. She had a hand microphone and sat on a swing the lifted high into the air. She actually sang this song and did a really great job. When she was up in the air, one of her dancers was under the swing, hanging on to ropes doing a bunch of aerobatic moves. It was really cool.

Then, Britney left the stage once more and the man came back on the screen plotting to kill her.

14. ‘Baby One More Time’

At this point, Britney came back on stage in jean shorts and a black (bra?) with pink sparkles on it. (It was cute). She was dancing to a man who was acting like a snake charmer. I was very excited! I thought ‘I’m a Slave 4 U’ was about to come on. Nope. But, it was a great song, ‘Baby One More Time’ – and it only lasted about a minute.

15. ‘S&M’ and 16. ‘Trouble for Me’

I think that at this point in the concert, Britney really picked it up. She was running all over the stage and dancing. She seemed to be really enjoying herself.

17. ‘I’m a Slave 4 U’

A great song of the night but I really wished that she would have had a snake. Somehow, this song just isn’t right with out a snake…

18. ‘Burning Up’ (Madonna cover)

In this number, a huge guitar came out on stage. Britney climbed the guitar and sat in the middle of it. The guitar moved back and forth (kind of like a very slow mechanical bull), while Britney danced.

19. ‘I Wanna Go’

I have to say that ‘I Wanna Go’ was my favorite song of the night. It was the least choreographed, and the most Britney interacted with the audience. Britney’s dancers brought up fans from the floor seats to dance with Britney. There was so much energy in the arena – I think everyone wished they were up on stage with Britney. After the song, while the fans were leaving the stage, one of the fans jumped on Britney and hugged her. She reacted really well, after pushing him off, she turned to the audience, put her hands up and said, “Did you just see that?

20. ‘Womanizer’

‘Womanizer’ was the “finale” song. It is one of my favorite’s of Britney’s and she did really fabulous. By this time in the night, all her nervousness was gone and she was dancing a lot more.

After ‘Womanizer’ Britney left the stage and the man in the room with the video equipment came back on the stage. Britney crept up behind him, and covered his mouth with a cloth and he passed out. Then she tied him up and I assumed killed him (because the screen said something along the lines of Britney the Assassin.)

21. ‘Toxic’  and 22. ‘Till the World Ends’

Britney and her crew came back and really brought it home with the closing numbers. She danced the entire time and the energy was unreal!


Overall, the concert was really, really great. I had so much fun. It was nice to see Britney perform, and she seemed like she was doing pretty well. (Not head-shaving status anymore).  I would definitely recommend you go and see her concert if she comes to your area!

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This Britney Spears post is dedicated to my wonderful brother – the biggest Britney fan I know who has patiently waited for this post. Happy First Father’s Day. I love you.



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