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Winning! (Or not a post title that is not a quote from Charlie Sheen…)

Today, I actually WON something.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my favorite blogs, The Mouthy Housewives had a book give away. Not only are The Mouthy Housewives advice hilarious, but they actually give great advice. Yes, they actually answered one of my questions. (No, I will not tell you which one. Let’s just say, it’s one of the few that don’t include children.)

The book is I’m Kind of a Big Deal: And Other Delusions of Adequacy by Stephanie Wilder-Taylor. Stephanie was a guest Mouthy Housewife and I just loved her advice so I entered.


And guess what? I won!

They even linked my blog. I love it!

I haven’t every won anything before. It was very exciting to read at 6:45 this morning over my cereal.

So go check ’em out. Especially if you need advice. Or a good laugh.



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