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Letters from Tahn, Part III

Tahn and Copper (Summer's dog) on a playdate. (Note the chairs on the couch to prevent them from laying on it...)

Dear Auntie Copper Summer,

(I don’t know why my mum keeps correcting your name. I’ve told her a hundred times, your name is Copper…) Thank you so very much for coming to see me during your lunch yesterday. My mum is awful and selfish and couldn’t leave work to come and take care of me so I am so appreciative for you. I am sorry it took me a while to go hurry; I was being slightly naughty. Next time bring your dog to have a play date again. I just love her. But not as much as I love you. This morning I told my mum that you were coming with your dog, but she told me I was wrong. So I sat by the front window looking out for you. You didn’t come. I guess she was right.

Love you lots,



*Editor’s note: Tahn thinks that my friend Summer’s name is Copper, because that is Summer’s dog’s name. We have tried to teach her Summer’s real name, but there’s quite a learning curve…

**Oh, and Tahnee’s bathroom command is “hurry” from when she trained to be a service dog.



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