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Tales of Tahn, part II

Tahn, being a good girl, laying in the sun on our back porch. (I've never been able to take a good picture of the Demon Dog**)

This morning was a typical morning. I let Tahn out to go “hurry” (that was the bathroom command she had when she was trained to be a service dog) and I watched her wander around from my bedroom window as I got ready for work. (Note: I live in an old Victorian house, converted into apartments with a large shared backyard).

I was combing out my wet hair, watching Tahn start making her way back to my apartment back door.

Then, I noticed something caught her attention. She looked up towards my landlord’s apartment, and then, sheer joy radiated from her little black eyes. I knew what was happening and I couldn’t stop it.

Tahnee looked right at me, yelling at her from the window to comeupstairs, ignored me, and sprinted up my landlord’s stairs.

I ran around to my back door, calling her to come to me; and it was then I saw her Corn-Cobbing* my neighbor and his poor, old, aging dog. (This sweet dog is over 14 years old and has a hard time going up and down the stairs…)

Barefoot, wet headed, and in “non-landlord appropriate clothing” I ran up his stairs, yelling at Tahnee to leave them alone and comeherrightnow.

She bolted down the stairs to me, wide grin, with a little demon in her*. I grabbed her collar, and pulled her back into my apartment.

This is all before 7am…


*Corn-Cobbing is what I call when Tahn nibbles on people. She gives them these “love bites”, which looks like she is eating an ear of corn (especially if she is nibbling someone’s arm).

** Demon Dog is what happens to Tahn when she becomes possessed by a Demon. (Or so we think). She gets a fire in her eyes, puts her ears back, tucks her butt and tail in, and runs around like a maniac. Sometime Demon Dog lasts for 2 seconds, other times it lasts for 30 minutes (like it did at the dog park the other day). Tahn has been possessed by a Demon ever since she was a baby. Apparently, her brother and sister get possessed too. And, I’ve heard other Labradors and Golden Retrievers get possessed on an occasion…



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