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“Who loves me will love my dog also.”

Especially when she’s really bad.

A few days ago, my friend Lauren posted a link on her Facebook profile to an Etsy shop that sells letterpress art print from Tag Team Tompkins.

Of course, when I saw the letterpress art below, I just had to buy it.

Could any statement be true about me?

It was priced very reasonable, and I was so surprised to find it in my mailbox today! I can’t wait to frame it and put it in my apartment. 🙂

In other news…

Update to Tahn’s sudden continuous, flat out disobedience:

Today I got home from work and was outside with Tahn so she could ‘hurry.’ She was wondering around, doing her thing. I was standing around, waiting for her to do her thing.

Then I heard it. The very quiet jingle of my neighbor’s keys. I quickly glanced at Tahn – she did not hear it – (such a great guard dog, right?) and immediately told her to sit.

She sat, happily. She looked up at me, waiting for why she was sitting. Just then, she heard my neighbor start coming down the stairs.

Staaaay” I warned.

Tahn slightly lunged forward. She looked up at me. She stayed put.

Tahn watched my neighbor come down her stairs, walk across the yard, and exit. Tahn stayed sitting the whole time.

So, the score:

Tahn 1, Mum 1

Happy Wednesday.



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