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Tales of Tahn, Part III

This evening after I ate dinner, I took my sad sack of a dog to the dog park. (She sure gets sad when she’s had a day of no activity. Sad Sack Tahn breaks my heart). I took her to the park despite I had ANOTHER sinus headache. (Something in the air here in Sacto is really upsetting my sinuses…)

When we got to the dog park, I saw this:

Doesn't the water look so clean?

I knew as soon as Tahn got slightly hot she would go right in the kiddie pool. Tahn LOVES to swim. (Despite her bad behavior chronicled on previous posts).

Sure enough, before I knew it, in she went:

(well, you see, I’m too cheap to pay for the video to be inserted in my blog, so you’ll have to click this link to see it on youtube. sorry)

Tahn went in and out of the water for over an hour, being possessed by a demon each time. She had a ball. Nothing that dog likes more then water. (Well, maybe expect me. And food).

Tahn, SOAKED, in the parking lot waiting to go home...

Needless to say, she will not be sleeping next to me on my bed tonight…


Quick side note update!!!: Despite the part of me that said “go for it!” I totally resisted the Bad Boy dog owner at the park tonight. He had Brittany written all over him. And, his dog was adorable. But, I waved off his crunching (Never Been Kissed – Anyone? Anyone? Great movie) and moved on trying to get my soaking wet dog into my car, trying to not let her touch anything – BTW it was unsuccessful.

Quick side note II: Why are there only (usually) older, unattractive, kinda weird men at the dog park? How come no young guys have dogs? How come the dog park is FULL of young, beautiful women?!?!



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