Letters from Tahn, part IV

I was out of town for work for three days and two nights, and my dear friend Summer took care of my sweet Tahn. Of course, while I was away, Tahn wrote me letters. Enjoy.


Dear Mum, today was super fun! I played in mud puddles, beat Aunt Copper’s dog in tug-o-war (finally!) and now I’m watching The Fantastic Mr. Fox. I miss you, but I’m having the best time. Oh, I really like Aunt Copper’s daughter, Honey (Mum, she is a CAT and lives in the house!). I kinda want to eat her, but that would upset Aunt Copper, so I just play with her instead. Can we get one?

Love, Tahn


Dear Mum,

Aunt Copper’s friend Chris came over last night.  I was SO excited to see him because he really likes to play fetch and always fills up the big pink tub for me to splash around in.  Since he got there so late he said I would have to wait until today.  He woke up a couple of times and looked a little freaked out to see my dark eyes staring back at him from the edge of the bed.  He even asked Aunt Copper if I needed to go to the bathroom, but she told him I was just too excited to sleep or wanted up on the bed.  Sure enough when he FINALLY woke up today he threw the ball around for me and I got to splash in the cool water.  He mentioned something about dognapping me?

Anyway, now I’m sleepy, which brings me to my next tale.  Today at lunch Aunt Copper came home.  She may have been a little surprised to find me asleep in the dog house, but it was so cozy I couldn’t help myself.  Aunt Copper’s  dog was sleeping under the hammock, which she says is her new favorite spot.  We’re having a lazy day, Mum.  Aunt Copper’s dog and I were so happy to see Aunt Copper and I told her so, but I was a good girl and sat politely while she ate her lunch.


Tahn xoxo


Dear Mum,

Aunt Copper says to tell you that I am being the BEST girl and she promises that her friend Chris was only joking about dognapping me.  I still don’t know what this dognapping is all about, but I think it must mean that he likes me?  Time for another nap; I have to rest up for another round of tug-o-war later.  Copper’s dog wants a rematch.  I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, Mum!!


Tahn xoxo


Dear Tahn,

I am so happy for you! It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I’m glad Aunt Copper is taking care of you so well. But, tell her friend Chris that you are mine – but he can play with you anytime. Tahn, be a good girl and do not disturb anyone when they sleep tonight, okay? I’ll be home tomorrow night. I can’t wait to see you.

Love you lots,

Mum xxxxoooo


Dear Mum,
Aunt Copper took this photo of me early this morning.  She says I have the most beautiful dark eyes.  I know you said I’m not supposed to stare at people while they sleep, but I just can’t help it.  Please don’t be cross with me.  Aren’t I cute?!

I can’t wait to see you tonight!!  Drive safe.

Tahn  xoxo


(And one more…)

Hey MUM!

G-pa doesn’t know it but I’m using his Google Voice account! I’m having fun at Copper’s house.  I love her dog!!  I wish she had a name though…



Thank you to Summer for taking such great care of Tahnee. Tahn was so happy when I picked her up (and dropped her off) and it took away all the sadness I feel when I usually leave her. I can’t be more grateful.


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