The Last Summer of No Worries

I am so excited to participate on the 20 something blog swap 9!! My partner, the kind and wonderful Leann, wrote this great post about summer. (Summer was the theme). Enjoy!! Check out my post on summer at Leann’s blog!


This has been the summer of me.   I have been fortunate enough to not need to work for a good six weeks or so.   This luxury has been made possible by my saving as much as possible during the year and also by my upcoming full time job.   Starting this fall, I will have my first full time job with benefits and a retirement plan.   The pay isn’t amazing, but what starting salary is? It is more than sufficient to pay for my bills and it is a reliable income.   In many ways, this new job resembles the patchwork employment I had for the last three years.   I am twenty-five years old and everything finally seems to be coming together nicely.
So without having to worry about money for two months has allowed me to do lots of fun things this summer.  I promised myself that I would do as much as possible to enjoy this summer.   Here are some of the ways I found to amuse myself when I had nothing to do for the summer months:
  • Went on a scavenger hunt (and won)
  • Watched the  4th of July fireworks from my college roommate’s apartment
  • Saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on opening day
  • Went to the beach and got splotchy sunburn
  • Helped my grandparents with their yard work
  • Visited friends and their BBQs
  • Had a sleepover with one of my BFFs
  • Tried to catch up on all the projects that had gone by the wayside
  • Stayed up late and slept in
This doesn’t seem like much but I haven’t found myself to be bored yet.  There isn’t one moment that defined this summer, but several little things.  I am thrilled to be starting my full time job in a few weeks, but I will always savor the memories of the last summer of no worries.

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