We’re Models

In the past few months, I realized that I didn’t have any good pictures of Tahnee and me. My fantastic sister in law, S2, is a great photographer and agreed to take some photos for me.

Enjoy. 🙂

Tahn had just licked my face. She thinks it's funny.

We were wrestling...

She's my buddy.

Which is your favorite?



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8 responses to “We’re Models

  1. Summer Kincaid

    Just one?! They are all beautiful!!

  2. Christina

    She’s my buddy.

  3. Christina

    Oh, by the way- a crazy dog guy is moving into our area. Any suggestions on where he should take his doggy to expend loads of energy? The doggy is a lab/retriever mix.

    • There’s a great dog park on 28th- all the way down by the levee. Also, the river is right there and you can take the dog swimming! 🙂

      • Christina

        Wow, sounds confusing. I might get lost. Maybe I should just give him your number and you guys can figure it out together?

  4. Beautiful photos. He seems like a really great dog.

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