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Emotional Scarring Before 6:30am

You think I would have learned my lesson.

You think I would have checked all gates before letting my precious Tahn into my backyard.

Clearly no.

Like every morning, I let Tahn out in my backyard to go “hurry” after she ate her breakfast. I ate my breakfast, reading amazing blogs, waiting to hear Tahn come up the back stairs.

After about 10 minutes, I realized I hadn’t heard her. I opened the back door and she wasn’t there. I called her and she didn’t come. I assumed she was being a bad dog and ignoring me.

I walked around the corner to go down the stairs – and that’s when I saw it: a gate was open. Not the gate to the alley, but the gate to the front of the house. The front of the house with a very busy street with cars zipping by at 6:15 on a Thursday morning.

My heart stopped. I almost screamed.

Instead I yelled, “Oh Shit!” really loud and went running out the gate.

To my relief, there was Tahn, sniffing a garbage can.

I’m in the fetal position in the corner, swaying back and forth if you need me.

Tahn, safe and sound



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