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A Couple of Things

After I got offered my new job, my life has been in over-drive-change-everything mode.  Here’s a quick rundown about what has been going on:

1) Good News: upon hearing about my move, my fabulous landlord not only let me out of my lease early (it was until December 31, 2011) but he also found someone to take my apartment! I can’t tell you how big of a headache he saved me. Instead of trying to find someone to take over my lease, I can focus on finding a place to live in San Diego.

2) About that. As of October 3, I have no place to live. I know. I know. I have a few potential options for temporary housing, but nothing is confirmed yet. (And when I say few, I mean one…) I plan to live somewhere temporarily until I can find a fantastic roommate (with a dog, naturally) and a fantastic house to rent (with a yard, naturally). So, this is a bit concerning. But don’t worry, I figure something out.

3) Tahn. Clearly, I’m a crazy dog lady. Duh. But, my craziness even surprised me this past weekend. But, ever since I started packing, Tahn has been incredibly stressed and has started destroying things. So, I was going to bring her my dad’s for the next two weeks. But, when I started packing her things last weekend to bring her to my dad’s I literally became too upset with idea of not having Tahn. So, Tahn’s still home. 😉

My living room being packed; Tahn being stressed.

What is that, you ask? A DESTROYED hair tie. I know, not really that bad, but I picked up the other stuff Tahn destroyed (mittens) before I had a chance to snap a photo.

4) Leaving Sacramento makes me feel a lot like I did when I was leaving for college. I am excited to move on to my new and exciting adventure, but super sad to leave my friends and family. (My family doesn’t live in Sacramento, but they do live a little over an hour away).

5) Friday.Night.Lights. Netflix (DUMB Netflix) doesn’t stream season five of the BEST SHOW EVER (aka Friday Night Lights); so I have to wait for the next disc to come before I can watch the next episodes. Tonight, I’m without FNL and I’m going into withdraws. (Hold me) It doesn’t help that the FNL cast leaves for college and everyone is crying and missing one another. I feel like I’m leaving just like them.

6) My internet is out. I called the internet company, and they told me that it was my modem, so I went to the internet company store and switched out my modem. Well, that didn’t work either. Apparently, there is problem that the nice phone technician couldn’t fix; so they wanted to send someone out to fix it. Well, considering I’m movingnextweek, I’m canceling the whole thing and will continue to steal the shotty internet from one of my neighbors. Thanks, Neighbor.


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