Adjusting to My New Life

I wish I was cheery and bright about my time so far in San Diego, but unfortunately, that’s now how I’ve been feeling lately.

Although, on my drive home from work yesterday, the smell of the ocean crept in my car (which was AMAZING), and even I did have another great day at work, I have been feeling a little low. As expected, moving has brought many adjustments and I am doing my best at wading through them. I’ve tried not to have expectations about my new adventure, but alas, I guess I did. Thus, I’m feeling not so exuberant.

Before I tell you why I’m feeling un-cheery, I do want to say how unbelievably grateful I am that I love my job so far, and really like my temporary living situation. Since these seem to be working out well, it has taken loads of stress off my back. So that is really great and I am super thankful. And I’m thankful for my family. Mysuperamazingneverceasingtostopsupporting family.

First, I miss Tahn. Although I am living with a fantastic dog at my temporary house, I deeply miss my sweet little girl.

Second, I’m not a fan of my commute. It’s not too bad, really. About 20-30 minutes each way. And, it’s the opposite of traffic, so I’m not in bumper to bumper traffic. But, it’s been a tough change from my previous 4-minute door-to-door commute. Plus, I’m not enjoying the raise in my gas budget…

Third, in the past two weeks since I left Sacramento, I have had limited communication with most of my friends. With my move I expected my friendships to change; but I didn’t expect them to change so quickly or as drastically. This may be the biggest adjustment of all.

I’ve had some pleasant surprises of support too. I have a handful of ‘blogger friends’ whom I’ve actually never met but I read their blogs and I think they occasionally read mine. The support from my one-step-away-from-being-strangers blogger friends have been incredible! I can’t even say how many tweets, messages and words of encouragement I’ve received. It’s great.

Another good thing? For the first time in um… months… I went to a spin class again. It was hard, it was intense, but it felt great. I’ll definitely be doing that a lot more often.

How do you deal with adjustments?



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16 responses to “Adjusting to My New Life

  1. Cindy (immshoneybee)

    For me change comes easier because as a child we moved a lot. in high school (4yrs) I went to 3 different schools (9th, 10th, 11/12th), it was crazy. I left San Diego to Tacoma, WA after completing my freshmen year and I though I was still going to keep in touch with ALL my friends, but no 😦 only 2 of my friends kept written communication with me and until this date, we are good friends. To make a long story short, I always joined a group (sewing, reading, church) to meet new potential friends. I always tried to keep myself busy because when I wasn’t, that’s when I would start feeling down. So, I recommend u become active 🙂 hope it helps

  2. I have picked up and moved my life a couple of times and can totally related to this malaise. It will definitely be temporary. Whenever I have relocated I find a good Target (to A to Z all the aisles…makes me feel like home), get my wifi set up as soon as possible (internet/trashy tv/movies), find a gym to hit up (check!), buy myself a brand new book and find the fancy grocery store in town that will sell me some gourmet crap that makes me temporarily forget that I am living out of boxes, etc. It takes a while to make a new home, but the best part of starting a new chapter is that the world is your oyster!

    Glad to hear your job is going well, that’s a plus!

  3. I have never moved too far from where I was raised so I cannot grasp what you are feeling but your will, great attitude, friends and family will be there to make your new life fantastic.

  4. It’s definitely hard moving away from friends. I was amazed at how fast we seemed to fall out of touch when we moved. Although with time, we adjusted and found different ways of communicating and staying in touch with each other. Of course, I don’t speak to them now, but that’s beside the point. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your job though. And remember, us blogger friends are always here if you need someone to talk to 🙂

  5. Wow, Brittany your blogger friends have given you some excellent ideas, and they know exactly how you feel. In other words, what you are feeling is very normal. All I was going to say, is take one day at a time. It is temporary, but it will slowly begin to feel more like home. The weather is still nice, and if you want to go to the beach by yourself, you will be amazed how wonderful it is. Pack a lunch and beverage, a good book, and you will have a great time.

  6. Moving is one of the most stressful things we can do, so it’s no surprise you are feeling a bit out of sorts.

    I also have moved several times and the things that helped the most were going to the gym, taking classes to meet other gym-minded friends, volunteering for organizations whose mission meant a lot to me, and letting myself be sad about my loss. I also read a lot and went to the library constantly – lots of people watching, books, mags, – kept me out of our depressing, dark apartment.

    Once when I first moved to Portland, I went to Target on a Saturday afternoon and didn’t even make it inside before I started crying. I saw some girlfriends walking in and talking and I just couldn’t take it. I went home and called my BFF. Please call your people. Their lives haven’t changed, so they don’t realize someone they love is feeling sad and lonely.

    Take it easy on yourself. It takes a long time to make yourself at home somewhere.

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