The Case of the Trash Thieves

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Twice, in the past 8 weeks, I thought I had a trash thief.

This may or may not be because I was home alone and my roommate’s English Bull Dog was also gone. Okay, only one of the two times he was gone, but who’s counting?

In December, my roommies were out of town for a week. My roommate’s dog was also gone too. It was my last solo night, I was about to get home from work andΒ  I suddenly remembered that I needed to go to the street and pull the cans in. (I put them out the night before.)*

Like a good roommate.

Except, the street was empty. No trashcans.

“Hmmmm”. I thought to myself. “That’s odd. Maybe a neighbor thought we were out of town a put the trash cans in their garage”.

Except when I open the garage and pulled in my car, the trash cans were neatly put away.

And, the case of the trash can thieves began.

I immediately called my roommate. “Ann Marie? Hi! How are you? How’s your vacation? Are you home a day early?!?!?!?!”

“No, we’ll be home tomorrow night. Why?”

“Um. Because I put the trashcans out last night, and this morning they were there, but tonight I found them inside the garage. I SWEAR I put them outside.”

“Check the toilet.”


“Check the toilet. Is it new?”

I bravely and confusedly went into the house and checked the downstairs toilet. “It’s new.”**

“The landlord must of been there to replace the toilet. He must have brought the trash cans in. You’re good.”

I escaped the thief.

It didn’t end there. No, on Sunday night, I was home alone. AGAIN. But, my roommate’s dog was by my side. But, considering he just barked because one of my roommates just came down the stairs, he’s not always a reliable source of protection.

I heard the garage door open. I waited through the few minutes of getting out of the car, gathering items, and walking into the house. Moments went by. Then minutes. It was getting serious. Then, I heard this sound. This odd sound*** that I did not recognize. I heard it for at least a minute.

“Something is wrong” I thought. “This isn’t normal. Someone must have broken in.”

I decided to be brave (again) and confront my intruder.

Only to find my roommates taking out the trash.

They were trying to steal something. I swear.


*It’s not normally my chore. I can only do so much.

**We got a new toilet. Don’t ask. It’s a long story…

***It’s probably an odd sound because I never take the trash out. I’m a bad roommate.


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2 responses to “The Case of the Trash Thieves

  1. oh the joy of having roommates lol πŸ˜‰ btw, I have to ask what the story is behind the new toilet πŸ™‚ maybe it could be another post? πŸ™‚

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