Trouble with “Girls”

Everyday in the background of my work day, in the privacy of my office, I listen to music.

Country Music.

It really shouldn’t be a shocker. You know, being a huge Taylor Swift fan and all. (Wha? You don’t think Taylor is a real country music star? She talks about cowboy boots!)

I listen to the radio through the internet – not a San Diego radio station because… ahem… it was recently canceled. Instead, I listen to 94.9 the Bull – an Atlanta Georgia station. It works out okay – until they say the weather is 45 degrees out and I look up and there’s not a cloud in the sky and my office door is open letting the warm, beach air in (sorry, can’t help but to rub it in). It also gets confusing when they say it’s 5pm and talk about going home – I get super excited until I realize oh yes, I am not in Atlanta and it is not actually 5pm. It’s 2pm. Boo.

Anyhoo. There has been a song that I have heard many times in the past few weeks – a song I have grown to love. It melts my heart. It’s sung in a deep low, sultry voice and I stop whatever I am doing when it comes on to swoon in my seat for 3 minutes and 52 seconds.

My favorite lyric?

“The trouble with girls is they’re so dang pretty, everything about ’em does something to me.”

Just as any girl who loves to be told she’s pretty, I freakin eat it up.

So tonight, I Googled “The Trouble with Girls”, hoping to hear it one last time before I hit the hay.

I was so happy when I found a music video! On YouTube! Yay!! Now I can see that country man singing his heart out. I pictured this 30 something man, with a beautiful wife and maybe even a baby or two singing in a corn field with the sun shining and maybe a beer in his hand. Classic country.

Go watch the video. (Don’t worry, I’ll wait).

Did you see it? It is a music video  ABOUT A TEENAGE BOY, SINGING ABOUT TEENAGE GIRLS.

This teenage boy? Oh, he’s Scotty McCreery, American Idol’s 2011 winner.

Baby Scotty


Clearly I am totally out of it.

The more of the video I watched, the more of a cougar I felt. The entire video is set in high school, with what looked like actual teenage actors (not those 20 somethings actors that played teenagers on my last TV obsession, FNL). These teenagers were doing high school things; hanging out in the halls, by the lockers. Or passing notes in science class. They were even at the baseball field, in what I assumed was after school. You know, hanging out after high school. Being kids.

Annnd there goes my favorite song.

I guess that’s why the song is called “The Trouble with GIRLS”, not “The Trouble with Women“.

I guess I should have known better, his name is Scotty after all – that should have been a dead giveaway.




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4 responses to “Trouble with “Girls”

  1. Everyone loves a pretty smile, no matter the age!!

  2. I agree with Charlotte. A 92 year old is just an overgrown teenager. The feelings have hardly changed. 🙂

  3. His voice is deceiving. I’m not sure if I should feel giddy when he smiles or creepy for liking it.

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