28 in year 28

Recently, I turned 27. I had one of the best birthdays I’ve had in my twenties. In San Diego, I had a dinner with close friends – a night of laughing, listening and unconditional love. Last weekend, I traveled to the Bay Area and had an incredible family dinner and birthday cake made my brother and S2. My family came together over this superb meal, and I felt completely loved.

As my brother and S2 remind me every year, I am 27 years-old, starting my 28th year of life. (Right?! Just when you become okay with your age, you gain another year!)

Inspired by many fellow blogger’s life lists, and particularly Drea’s 30 by 30, and Tami’s 43 by 43 here are 28 things I want to do in my 28th year.

  1. Learn how to surf.
  2. Read 28 books.
  3. Save 10% of my monthly paycheck.
  4. Do 10 real push-ups.
  5. Listen to live music at least once a month.
  6. Start a garden in my backyard.
  7. Take Tahn to the beach twice a month (except when it’s closed for the summer).
  8. Create scrapbooks of all the cards from my grandma.
  9. Find a yoga studio in the San Diego area that teaches Yin Yoga; attend class twice a month.
  10. Go to a roller derby match.
  11. Visit 3 museums in San Diego.
  12. Enter two writing contests.
  13. Write a letter a week.
  14. Hold a plank for 60 seconds.
  15. Walk Tahn 5 days a week.
  16. Become CPR certified.
  17. Hike once a month.
  18. Bake an Angel Food Cake from scratch.
  19. Help my mom learn to use her iPod.
  20. Clear out all the boxes of stuff from my dad’s house.
  21. Play in the beach with Buddy.
  22. Learn to French Braid my hair.
  23. Find a volunteer job that I really love.
  24. Host a brunch.
  25. Join a wine club.
  26. Start collecting wall art.
  27. Watch a foreign film.
  28. Stop using paper towels.


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4 responses to “28 in year 28

  1. yay! birthday lists rock. good thing you are doing this when you are young, your list is so much shorter than mine!

    saving 10% is such a great goal. as your bank if they can take it directly from your checking account or if your job can automatically deposit part in your savings account when they directly deposit your pay check. i did this for a long time and saved so much money i bought a car with cash.

    i’m curious what you’ll find for your volunteer job – in my 20’s i did a lot of political phone banking, voter organization, major donor fundraising (the key is the monthly donation), and i ended up getting a lot of great jobs through the contacts i made. in fact, i’m still close friends with some of those people now.

    i see you doing something with tahn – visiting nursing homes? having kids read to tahn? can’t wait to hear all about it.

    • Thanks, Tami!

      The one volunteer job that has caught my interest is working with Women Veterans. I’ve heard multiple news stories that Women Veterans are having a really difficult time as many Veteran services are designed for men.

      I really like the idea of incorporating Tahn. Maybe she can help…

  2. Happy birthday Brittany! You can learn to French braid your hair on YouTube. I learnt it last year and I don’t think it took more than 10-15 mins. 🙂

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