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driving with my windows down

On the way home from my Bar Method class today I rolled my windows down and let the warm air in.

It was perfect outside.

And, I realized that up until very recently, I never drove with my windows down.

I had three reasons:

1) It was usually really hot outside in Sacramento and sitting idle with the windows down made me sweat. I hated sweating.

2) The wind messed up my hair.

3) Allergies.

My not-having-the-windows-down-ever rule was, at times, an irritant of my friend/family member/ boyfriend. I may or may not have had multiple fights about this.

Fortunately, in San Diego, sitting idle with your windows down at a traffic light is quite pleasant; it is rarely too hot to make one sweat.

And, for the most part, my allergies are very mild if non-existent.

Yet, for months living here, I didn’t drive with my windows down. Sure, we’ve had a handful of rainy days. Some chilly mornings. For the most part, however, we doing just fine weather-wise. 65 degrees and sunny. Mind-blowingly gorgeous.

Still, my car? Windows = up.

Why the change? Why are my windows down?

The first few months in San Diego were kind of rough. I didn’t have Tahn. Although I loved my roommates, I was a transient waiting for my own place.  And mainly, my difficult transition was due to my previous job. Yep. The job that I moved to San Diego for.

To make a long story short, I left that job two months ago and started with a new (and really fantastic) company. And officially one month into my new job, I can say that I still really like it. I would say I like it more and more everyday.

So here’s to driving with your windows down.

And having messed up hair. 😉



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