Simple Cleansing Micellar Water Review

Micellar Water

For the past year or so, I watched enviously as European Bloggers used Bioderma, a cleansing water. As you know my love for cleansing oils, I wanted to try Bioderma badly. Cleansing waters, aka Micellar Waters or Micelle Solutions are makeup removers with a water-like consistency.

I received a sample from a Sephora purchase of Dermaclear Micro Water and fell in love.

As previously stated, cleansing waters remove makeup effectively with no residue. They are divine. As much as I loved Dermaclear, I wanted to find a more affordable drugstore option.

I found Simple’s Cleansing Micellar Water at the drugstore and was a bit disappointed. Although it was just as effective at removing makeup as Dermaclear’s version, it did leave a slight residue and wasn’t as moisturizing on the skin.

The price, however, is great. From anywhere from $6ish-$8ish, you get 6.7 oz of Micellar Water from Simple, for just over an ounce more you pay $32 for Dermaclear’s water. It’s quite a price difference and the differences between the two aren’t significant.

Pros of cleansing waters:

-Excellent at removing leftover waterproof makeup that your cleanser didn’t remove.

-Fabulous at cleaning up makeup mistakes. Removes the mistake without taking off other makeup.

Cons of cleansing waters:

-Personally, I don’t care for cleansing waters to actually cleanse my skin. I just use them to remove difficult makeup.

-In order for the water to be effective, I saturate one cotton pad per eye. A little does not go a long way.


Have you tried any cleansing waters? What do you think? What is your favorite brand?


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