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Basic Brows

In case you aren’t following the beauty world, I’m here to tell you brows are in.

For years, the thinner the better was the goal with brows. Not anymore. Big and defined is what you’re going for (if you’ve jumped on the bandwagon too).

About two years ago I started to fill in my brows. I started with a very light brown color and dusted it slightly along my brows creating a slight definition. The color I used was perfect for beginners – not too dark, not too light. It was the Goldilocks for brow color. It worked with both my brown and blonde hair colors.

I wish I could tell you the name of this magical powder, but it was given to me as gift and I didn’t realize how fabulous it was until the name wore off. And then I dropped it. And shattered the beautiful perfection to pieces.

Whomp whomp.

Have no fear, I have found another fabulous brow powder for you to try.

But before we get into what products I use to make my brows be beautifully on trend these days, let’s do some photos, shall we?

Makeup with out brows done.

Makeup with out brows done.

Makeup with brows done.

Makeup with brows done.

It’s not a HUGE difference, but noticeable enough for me. I find that doing my brows frames my face.

To do my brows, I use MAC 266 Small Angled Brush and MAC Coquette (eye shadow).

Side note: I’ve had my MAC 266 for 11 years now – I bought it when I was 19, and it was $19 at the time. (The price now is $20). I remember my friends telling me that $19 was a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a makeup brush. Well, I’ve taken really good care of it, and it still works really well today!

I lightly brush my MAC 266 in the MAC Coquette and start applying in small strokes from the center of my face outward. It’s important to apply it in small strokes as opposed to one line – small strokes mimic hairs.

If I’m working a long day, I set my brows with Benefit’s Gimme Brow in Light/Medium. It’s a really great product for setting the shape, it doesn’t add a ton of color.

There are MANY products for brows on the market – I haven’t tried most of them. I by no means am an expert in brows – but an advocate!

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Do you do your brows? What are your favorite brow products? 




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