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Things I like this week (vol 14).


(Image via Rosie Molinary)

  1. This NY Times article has been posted many times, but is worth posting again. I’ll try anything where relaxation = more productivity
  2. I love baking soda as a cleaner. I use it all over my apartment. It’s safe, non toxic and cheap!
  3. This other NY Times article was written by a 17-year-old. (I wish I wrote like that when I was 17. Okay fine. I wish I write like that now!)
  4. Tips to bring relaxation into your life from Teacher Goes Back to School. (Again, the more relaxation, the better!)
  5. I’m all about changing the way I talk to myself. So, it feel like Nicole’s Change Your Story, Change Your Life was written just for me. (It was, wasn’t it?)

Happy Monday 🙂


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Things I like this week (vol. 10)

1. I discovered the goodness of roasted pumpkin seeds from Trader Joe’s a few months ago and they quickly became my favorite snack. Tonight I finally put them in my salad and OH.MY.GOD. they are unreal. Try them.

2. Lisa from Smacksy posted this on her “Smacksy Sunday Links” if you’ve ever had a dog and moved, then you must read it. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.

3. I baked again this weekend. And, if you don’t already know, I have an obsession with anything S’mores related. So when I made these, I almost died. Pure bliss.

4. The little boys in my apartment complex are playing some sort of police/capture/shoot-each-other-with-nerf-darts game outside right now and it makes me really miss being a kid. (Expect my roommate’s dog, Maya is FREAKING out with them running around my apartment. It’s unfortunate).

5. I decided to save some of my hard earned cash and start checking books out from the Library. I went and got a Library card today and learned that many books are available to check out in the e-book form – they will send the book to your Kindle for a period of three weeks. I excitedly came home and dusted off my 2nd edition Kindle (that looks like it’s from the dark ages) and I’m in the midst of getting it synced up with the Library. Love it – I don’t have to ever worry about late fees again!

6. I’ve had a lot more time on my hands lately and so I’ve been home most of the day. The dogs (Tahnee and Maya) have been glued to my hip. Part of me is tired of two large Labradors following me from room to room to room, but the other part of me just loves their devotion.

7. I’m in the middle of a major re-organization of well, everything. Man, does it feel so good. (Wasn’t I just complaining about being unorganized?)

8. I know I’m totally late to the party on this one, but I just started watching the first season of “Lost” – I kinda know how it ends from all of the outrage almost two years ago, but I still freakin’ love it.

I think I’m just like Kate. Sans the criminal record, curly hair and incredible biceps. Other than that, we’re exactly the same person. 😉

9. I’m also late to the party about the amazing Florence + The Machine as well, but I’ve just discovered they’re song, “Shake it Out” and no, I didn’t discover it from watching “Smash”…. This song has been my theme song for the past four weeks.

Let me just tell you:

It’s hard to dance with a devil on your back, so shake him off.

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Happy, Happy Halloween!

This post was originally posted last Halloween. What’s really interesting to me is that a year ago today I was also living in a temporary place waiting to find my own apartment. Although, this year, I don’t have Tahn with me or as many trick or treaters. Like three. Happy Halloween.


I love trick or treaters. In my new (temporary) home, I live in a great neighborhood full of kids. I was so excited to buy candy today and I hoped I’d have at least a few.

The first trick or treater came a little before 7pm. By 7:30pm, I was out of candy.

I loved seeing all of the little ones all dressed up. It was the first time in my adult life that I actually had at least more than one trick or treaters and passing out candy brought me back to great memories from my childhood.

My dad would take us out every year and my neighbor best friend and her dad would join too. We carried pillowcases because having a basket or a Halloween-themed tote was really un-cool. My mom would stay at home and hand out candy and I was always a little sad I didn’t get to see all of the costumes. At the end of the night, we would dump out all of the candy on the floor, and my dad would inspect it to make sure it wasn’t tampered with. For some reason, the Reese’s and Snicker’s almost always were potentially poisonous, so my dad kept those.

This year, I had my dog Tahnee and my roommate’s dog at home with me. Every time the doorbell rang, Tahn would jump up, so excited to greet her guests. Every time I wouldn’t let her come to the door she would be very upset. She desperately wanted to greet the tricker or treaters.

Finally, Tahn got her wish. My friend brought her adorable little girl dressed as Jasmine by and they came in. Tahn was thrilled!

I hope everyone had a safe, and Happy Halloween!

Baby's Tahn's first Halloween. As a Bumblebee.


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Adjusting to My New Life

I wish I was cheery and bright about my time so far in San Diego, but unfortunately, that’s now how I’ve been feeling lately.

Although, on my drive home from work yesterday, the smell of the ocean crept in my car (which was AMAZING), and even I did have another great day at work, I have been feeling a little low. As expected, moving has brought many adjustments and I am doing my best at wading through them. I’ve tried not to have expectations about my new adventure, but alas, I guess I did. Thus, I’m feeling not so exuberant.

Before I tell you why I’m feeling un-cheery, I do want to say how unbelievably grateful I am that I love my job so far, and really like my temporary living situation. Since these seem to be working out well, it has taken loads of stress off my back. So that is really great and I am super thankful. And I’m thankful for my family. Mysuperamazingneverceasingtostopsupporting family.

First, I miss Tahn. Although I am living with a fantastic dog at my temporary house, I deeply miss my sweet little girl.

Second, I’m not a fan of my commute. It’s not too bad, really. About 20-30 minutes each way. And, it’s the opposite of traffic, so I’m not in bumper to bumper traffic. But, it’s been a tough change from my previous 4-minute door-to-door commute. Plus, I’m not enjoying the raise in my gas budget…

Third, in the past two weeks since I left Sacramento, I have had limited communication with most of my friends. With my move I expected my friendships to change; but I didn’t expect them to change so quickly or as drastically. This may be the biggest adjustment of all.

I’ve had some pleasant surprises of support too. I have a handful of ‘blogger friends’ whom I’ve actually never met but I read their blogs and I think they occasionally read mine. The support from my one-step-away-from-being-strangers blogger friends have been incredible! I can’t even say how many tweets, messages and words of encouragement I’ve received. It’s great.

Another good thing? For the first time in um… months… I went to a spin class again. It was hard, it was intense, but it felt great. I’ll definitely be doing that a lot more often.

How do you deal with adjustments?


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Ode to the City of Trees

(image source)

Dear City of Trees,

I moved away from you one week ago today. It’s weird to thing that I no longer live in your lovely city, and probably never will again.

Initially, I HATED you. When I moved to Davis (a smaller city nearby) for college, I used to talk about how lame I thought you were and how I would never live in your city, my state capital. In the three 2 ½ years I lived in Davis, I ventured in to your city a handful of times. Usually I would go downtown to meet for Tahnee’s service dog training classes on Saturday mornings. I couldn’t wait to get out; there was nothing in your city I liked.

Oddly enough, when I graduated college in December 2008, I had made a number of friends in your area and I wasn’t quite ready to leave. I decided to apply for jobs in your city and (ahh!! the horror!) live in the City of Trees.

So that’s what I did. Eventually, I found a job I liked and met more people who quickly became good friends. About a year ago I started looking for a better job and decided after getting offered a job in San Francisco that although most of my family lived in the Bay Area, I wasn’t ready to leave my friends and the life I built with you, in your city.

About two months ago, I changed my mind. Although I really loved my apartment and my friends, I decided your city just wasn’t for me anymore. I decided it was time for me to move on. But, in my time in your city, you definitely grew on me and I fell in love with a few things.

Here’s some things I just love about you:

1)    The size. It’s super easy to get around your city. The grid downtown, the small size, and the beautiful streets made walking through you so much fun. I’ll miss being able to walk to my favorite happy hours without worrying to drive home.

2)    My friends. I have some great friends in your city – they are always there for me when I need them. It’s weird to not be near them anymore…

3)    My apartment. Not only was it the first place I ever lived all by myself, but it was such a great space, great location, great EVERYTHING. It was my favorite home I’ve ever lived in and it was mine.

The keys to my apartment. Dang, I'm going to miss it.

I loved my claw foot tub in my apartment.

4)    The river. Well, I don’t love the river, but I grew to really like it. I had some fun days on the river, and obviously, so did Tahn.

5)    The Sacramento/Davis area is the only home Tahn has ever known. Although I moved four times in the 5 years I lived in the area, Tahn was with me in each place. Moving her out of that area is a little odd – but exciting.

6)    The capital – although to date I’ve only met one person who worked at the capital that I actually liked, the hum and buzz of the capital was always very exciting. Not to mention the building is gorgeous.

7)    You’re near most of my family. You’re close enough that I could go home on the weekend, but far enough that I could stay away when I wanted. GOD, I’M GOING TO MISS THEM.*

8)    My yoga studio. Michelle, the owner of the studio and my yoga teacher is the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had and her studio is the BEST studio I’ve ever been to. I didn’t go nearly as much as I would have liked; but when I did, I loved it.

We had a great few years. I enjoyed living in your city. I appreciated your hospitality. Now, it’s time for me to move on.

Thanks for the memories,


*To be perfectly honest, the past 5 years have been pretty rough overall. I’ve definitely had good times, good days, good weeks, and good months, but I haven’t had a good year in … well … YEARS. My family has been overwhelmingly wonderful these past five years. My parents, my grandma, my brother and sister-in-law, and of course, my sister. For the past two years, (sans my sister) everyone was just a short drive away. I went home a lot. I went home many, many weekends when I didn’t have plans or have any friends (in college. And, to be honest, after college too). My sister has been a great support via phone – and it’s so weird I’m now just a short drive from her, and a short flight/ long drive from my other family. Bottom line: I do not know how I would have gotten through the past years without my family. Really. I am so thankful.


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Things I like this week

Today was the best Monday I’ve had in weeks. Maybe even in months. I think it was a great Monday for a multitude of reasons, but here are a few:

  • I started my day getting up super early and taking Tahn for a long work
  • My mom visited me all day yesterday and we had a great day: watch the Woman’s World Cup Final at a sports bar, had a relaxing afternoon eating yummy food and drinking wine at L Wine Lounge (thanks to Amy for the great recommendation!), took a cat nap, walked Tahn to the dog park, then finished the evening with ice tea outside
  • My dad visited me today and brought me two pieces of furniture I have needed desperately in my apartment: a bookshelf and a butcher block on wheels.  We walked Tahn down to a local bar and had happy hour
  • I found this blog post and this blog post – two new mantras of my life

I hope you’re having a great Monday, too.

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“Who loves me will love my dog also.”

Especially when she’s really bad.

A few days ago, my friend Lauren posted a link on her Facebook profile to an Etsy shop that sells letterpress art print from Tag Team Tompkins.

Of course, when I saw the letterpress art below, I just had to buy it.

Could any statement be true about me?

It was priced very reasonable, and I was so surprised to find it in my mailbox today! I can’t wait to frame it and put it in my apartment. 🙂

In other news…

Update to Tahn’s sudden continuous, flat out disobedience:

Today I got home from work and was outside with Tahn so she could ‘hurry.’ She was wondering around, doing her thing. I was standing around, waiting for her to do her thing.

Then I heard it. The very quiet jingle of my neighbor’s keys. I quickly glanced at Tahn – she did not hear it – (such a great guard dog, right?) and immediately told her to sit.

She sat, happily. She looked up at me, waiting for why she was sitting. Just then, she heard my neighbor start coming down the stairs.

Staaaay” I warned.

Tahn slightly lunged forward. She looked up at me. She stayed put.

Tahn watched my neighbor come down her stairs, walk across the yard, and exit. Tahn stayed sitting the whole time.

So, the score:

Tahn 1, Mum 1

Happy Wednesday.


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Taking a minute

After a very long, sad, uneventful, dull, end of winter and most of spring, I now have a jammed packed social calendar.

From the months of January until the middle of May, I was beyond bored. It seemed that everyone wanted to stay in with their significant others, and I, being single and all, found myself alone most Friday and Saturday nights. At first I enjoyed it. Living alone for the first time, I never had peace and quiet on the weekends. However, after a few weeks, the peace and quiet was no longer fun. Me, the 26-year-old who is usually in bed by 10pm was dying to go out. Dancing. To a Bar. To anyone’s house. I was anxious to get the hell out of the apartment that I love.

Since my friends were hard to nail down, I decided to join a Friday night bowling league. (Because I loved my dodgeball league so freakin’ much). Well, that was a disaster.

But, oddly enough, after my first weekend of bowling, my social calendar picked up. No, correction: it went from non-existent to full speed, in over drive. Normally, I would credit this shift in my friends because of the warm weather starting up and everyone wanted to get out of their houses and socialize.

Except, it was the end of May and beginning of June and it was 50 degrees outside and still raining. I spent Memorial Day Weekend in the rain. The following weekend, the first weekend in June, I spent in Napa County wine tasting for my dear friend’s birthday in the rain. (That was a fantastic weekend – full of gluttony). The following weekend, the second weekend in June, I spent at Bella Vista at a “start of summer” party. (That was truly wonderful – yet another weekend of gluttony). Then their was Britney. Then, last weekend, I spent one night in San Francisco, with one of my favorite people, (and some of my new favorite people), trying to not act like a hipster in the Mission District. The next day was Father’s Day, celebrating with my dad, my Grandma and my brother and sister-in-law (Buddy‘s parents).

And guess what? I have three more jammed packed weekends ahead of me. In fact, most of my weekends the rest of the summer are full of social activities.

I am not complaining.

I am actually overjoyed about all the fun I’ve had and I am looking forward to more. But, here’s the thing: previously my weekends were very mellow and I got to relax and recharge. Now that my weekends are so full, I am sleepy all week. So sleepy, I’m afraid to admit, that at 7:30pm tonight I almost fell asleep.

I also blame my sleepiness on the extreme 102-degree weather.

I am not complaining.

I was over the rain in April, so I welcome the heat. I welcome the hot nights, where (like I did on Friday night with Jessica), I can sit outside at 10pm enjoying a cold beer in a t-shirt and be perfectly warm.

But, I think my body has to get use to the heat. Also because of the heat, I haven’t been taking Tahn on any walks. We both miss them. Sorry Tahn. But it is just too dang hot. Even at 8pm.

So now I am taking a minute.

And it feels pretty good.

(photo source)

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Smoke Alarms and Tahnee Lynn

Last night, Number 3 came over for dinner.

I’ve been really trying to eat what’s in my fridge before I buy more food, so I had to come up with a dinner I don’t normally make. My friend Jessica gave me some rainbow chard from her garden yesterday and suggested adding it to pizza. (Although I love the idea of rainbow chard, I can’t get past its bitterness…)

All I had to do was buy pizza dough and cheese and ta-da! I would have pizza.

If only it was that simple.

It took a while to prepare the chard for the pizza. Following Jessica‘s specific instructions, I caramelized the stems of the chard with onion, and then sautéed the leaves of the chard. Then, I took out the pizza dough from Trader Joe’s and I rolled the pizza out on a lightly floured surface (using Number 3’s rolling pin – how do I not have a rolling pin?!?!) and put it on a well oiled cookie sheet.

I assembled all the yummy ingredients and put the pizza into a 500-degree oven.

About five minutes later the smoke alarm went off.

(Growing up, when my grandma cooked us one of her delicious dinners, the smoke alarm always went off. When it did, we would all yell, “Dinner’s ready!”)

I felt compelled to yell with joy, “Dinner’s ready!” But I didn’t. Instead, I grabbed a dishtowel and ran over to the smoke alarm and fanned away the smoke. Quickly, the smoke alarm stopped sounding and I casually walked to the nearby window to open it up.

Then the smoke alarm went off again.

This time, the smoke alarm was not going off. In fact, it seemed the more I fanned it, the worst it got. Fortunately, Number 3 was on it, and she ran around my apartment opening all the windows and the doors.

Frantically, (afraid my neighbors would soon become concerned) I yelled to Number 3 to “Turn off the oven!!!!!”

When Number 3 went to turn off the oven, smoke was billowing out. She could barely see to find the off switch. Smoke was filling my apartment very quickly.

The smoke alarm didn’t just sound a high piercing beep. It also said “FIRE” after each beep. It was getting unbearable.

My very kind and diligent landlord came running down the stairs, “Brittany?!?!?! Is everything okay?”

“Yes!” I embarrassingly yelled. “Just some oil is burning in the oven! I’m sorry!!

(Do you remember how I said before that I put the pizza on a “well oiled cookie sheet”? Well. Apparently, it was too well oiled).

With my landlord coming in to help, (he took the smoke alarm down off the ceiling and took the battery out- genius!) I all of a sudden started to worry about how Tahn was doing. (Number 3, my landlord and I were really suffering from the smoke).

I looked outside and saw Tahn. Peeing. Tahn apparently didn’t enjoy the smoke, so she let herself outside. (And, while she was outside, she might as well pee…) Then, Tahn just sat on the dirt, looking back up at the apartment.

Of course, Number 3, my landlord and I thought this was hilarious. “Thanks a lot, Tahnee! Don’t worry about us! Or our home! Just save yourself!!”

My landlord brought down an industrial fan and within ten minutes, most of the crazy smoke was gone.

At this time, Tahn joined us back inside.


Number 3 and I did end up enjoying a delicious pizza (that was not stuck to the pan, thankyouverymuch) and along with a half bottle of wine. Maybe I’ll get myself a pizza stone before I make pizza again. And a rolling pin.

(photo source)

What’s your worst smoke alarm story?


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Funkiness and Friday Night

Ever since returning from the Kinetic Grand Championship, I have been in sort of a funk.

  1. My apartment had a weird, funky smell when I first came home from my trip. I suspect the kitchen sink. (Everything else was clean, I swear!)
  2. I picked up Tahn from my dad’s on Tuesday and she was in such a funk – for days – and is finally better. Tahn was so upset with me for leaving her last weekend and was in a weird place. In her despair, she chewed up four pairs of my socks! (And she never chews my stuff).
  3. Why, you ask, did Tahn have access to four pairs of my socks? I had an enormous laundry pile on my bedroom floor. Why, you ask, did I have an enormous pile of laundry on my bedroom floor? Because my dryer is/was broken, so I couldn’t do laundry. And all those clothes from camping  smelled very funky (especially those that went with me into the Humboldt Bay – but more on that later…)
  4. During my camping trip/ crazy weekend in Humboldt County, one of the coolers in my car leaked and soaked my trunk. Alas, now a nice mildewy smell has permeated my car.

All of these funky things has put me in a funky mood. My three-day-work week felt like ten days long. I missed spending time with Tahnee, but every night this week I had plans I really couldn’t get out of. And, I am busy all weekend.

Except tonight.

Tonight I had bowling. And, last time I went to bowling, I had a lousy time.

So, I opted out for the evening. (Don’t worry, I’m not quitting. I’m going back next week).

I decided to stay in, make a yummy dinner, clean my apartment, bake cookies, and most importantly, hang out with Tahn.

So, that’s what I did. And it felt great.

Goodbye, funkiness.


Photo-roll of the cookie baking: 🙂

My pretty Kitchen Aid mixer. Oh, how I love thee.

Snickerdoodle Batter. YUM.

Tahn helped. (Seriously, this is where she sits when I cook/bake/do dishes. She's very helpful).

Snickerdoodles out of the oven. (I kinda made them too big, thus, they are squares).

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