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5 Kitchen Tools I’d Love to Have

I have some pretty fantastic kitchen tools. For example: My KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

I LOVE my mixer. And it's PINK. Just like this one.

(image source)

But, there are a few things I’d really like to get one day:

1. A Food Processor

(image source)

I would love to have a food processor. I keep finding great recipes that require a food processor – and I can’t make them. Plus, it is an essential for making a flaky pie crust.

2. An Immersion Blender

(image source)

Ahh. The Immersion Blender. Oh, how I love thee. I can make soups, and blend all sorts of yummy things.

3. A Double Boiler

(image source)

This is the inspiration for this post. I was making my favorite home-made candy (melted chocolate chips with marshmallows and sliced almonds) and while melting the chocolate in my ad-hoc janky double boiler, some water boiled over into my chocolate and totally ruined the consistency… So sad.

4. Cookie Sheet with Edges (aka a Jelly Roll Pan)

(image source)

I really enjoy roasting veggies with olive oil and I’m always afraid the oil will drip into the oven and I’ll have another smokey house situation

5. A blender

(image source)

Not to be confused with the Immersion Blender. This is for smoothies and such.

One day. One day, my friends.



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Playing dodgeball tonight, I got injured.


The woman who HATES any physical pain. HATES physical pain.

I threw a ball at someone (it didn’t hit them…) and I was running backward (a strategy as super- duper dodgeballers do) and I stepped on a ball and rolled my foot.

And then preceded to fall on top of my rolled foot before entirely hitting the ground.

It hurt. A lot.

It seriously was so painful I wanted to cry. Previously at this point in my life, when I’ve played sports, I would automatically sit out. (I would be secretly relieved and be happy to watch).

But I really wanted to stay in, and so I decided played through the pain.


The woman who HATES physical pain.

I must say, I am proud of myself. I stayed in and put my best foot forward (literally). I actually almost made a half-court shot.

I am home now R.I.C.Eing my foot. (I may or may not have had to call my father to tell me what the acronym was…)

So, here I am with a Tahn snuggling on my lap (she is healing me, she’s a healer), Resting, Elevating, and Icing my foot. (Ok, I am not taking Ibuprofen. I’m drinking red wine and eating 2 brownies instead).

Here’s to changing for the better!! (Even if my foot is purple and swollen).


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