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Things I like this week (vol 17).

She kills me.

She kills me.

  1. A few weeks ago, Tahn and I met my friend and her two Labradors at the lagoon and let the dogs swim. Tahn found the only mud on the beach and decided to roll in it right before we left. She refused to go back into the lagoon afterwards, forcing me to take a very muddy dog home. I still have mud in my car. Let’s just say we haven’t been back to the lagoon since.
  2. I read The Glass Castle a few years ago and I can definitely say it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. When I saw this New York Times article about the author, I was so interested to learn about her and her mother today.
  3. I’ve found myself sitting at my computer most nights watching YouTube Beauty Vlogs. I also watch them with a gigantic bowl of homemade popcorn and it makes me so excited. I’ve found many new beauty products I want to try, and learned of some to stay away from. Part of me wants to get my own video camera and make my own YouTube Vlog channel. You down?
  4. A few weekends ago, I went to Arizona to watch my cousin marry the love of her life. I originally couldn’t make it for a few reasons, so getting to go was really exciting. Highlights of the trip? Dancing with Buddy, the only child (only two-and-half-year old child) on the dance floor. That kid has moves. It was one of my favorite memories of my life.
  5. Also at the wedding? My cousin, aka the little brother my sister and I never had but always wanted. He lived in CA last year and my sister and I got in the habit of seeing him almost every month. When he moved back east last fall, it was a sad day. It had been almost a year since my sister and I saw him so it was thethreebuddies reunited once again. The weekend was way too short and I keep trying to get him to move back to CA. One more thing I love about my cousin? He loves Tahn and made a point to tell many family members about how wonderful she is. Brownie points to anyone who loves my dog and gushes about her.
    This guy!

    I may or may not have screamed when I saw THIS GUY.

    Me, my mom, and my sister.

    Me, my mom, and my sister.

    Yes, I'm very pale & she's very tan. Yes, we have the same parents. Nope, I don't tan.

    Yes, I’m very pale & she’s very tan. Yes, we have the same parents. Nope, I don’t tan.

  6. I saw this video on NPR, and I have to say, the innocence and logic of this toddler was powerful and profound.
  7. Thanks to theSkimm, I found this little nugget of a video. At first I thought it was a SNL skit, but soon learned this lady is serious. I spent Thursday morning of last week watching it with my roommate and we couldn’t stop laughing. But, the woman is skinny as a rail, so the joke is on us, I guess.
  8. From all my beauty blogs and Vlogs I read, I learned about Maybelline Color Tattoos. They go on smooth, and stay all day without creasing. The good news is that I AM IN LOVE. The bad news is that I will be buying every. single. color. Goodbye, money.

Happy Thursday!! xxxxoo


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10 Things I Learned at Puppy Class (sans Tahn)

After years of thinking, talking, ho-humming and planning, I took the plunge and decided to finally get Tahnee certified to be a Therapy Dog. Choosing the organization, learning the (money, training and time) requirements and finding the best fit for Tahn and me was a bit overwhelming. But here we are, back from our first class!

  1. The most successful way to have a peaceful dog class is to exclude the dogs. (The first class was orientation, the dogs are invited next week).
  2. Leaving my house 2+ hours before the class started was slightly overkill. I’ll never get back those 50+ minutes I spent in the cold, rainy parking lot waiting for class to start.
  3. Considering that Tahn is the oldest (by 4 years) and most experienced puppy (I mean dog) in the class, she will definitely be the star of the class. (This is by comparison to her first rounds of puppy class, as an actual pauppy. She was not the star of that class).
  4. The clicker may be my new best friend.
  5. The clicker may be my roommate’s new worst enemy.
  6. Puppy class on a Friday night is not a way to meet single, eligible bachelors.  (90% of the students were women. The two men that were there were 50+ and with their wives).
  7. The instructor warned us that while our dogs may be very good with their commands at home, they may act like they have no idea what we are talking about in class. (This I actually didn’t learn. I know from experience with Tahn. See bullet #3).
  8. I really, truly, for-realsies not for-pretensies have to ignore Tahn when I first come home/when she’s excited. She’ll. Never. Get. Better. At. Greetings. If. I. Don’t.      I get it.
  9. Read the entire email from the class. BRING THE RABIES VACCINE CERTIFICATE TO CLASS.
  10. Tahn is a really great dog.

(I actually already knew bullet #10, too).

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The Worst Part of the Day

For reasons I won’t bore you with, I’ve been spending a lot of time home, not at work.  I’ve been home for the past three weeks, reading, cleaning, exercising, organizing and reading again. I’ve kept away from the TV because I find it just makes me want to nap. So instead of napping I’ve read 5 books, donated old clothing, and really organized my life. It’s been productive.

And since I’ve been home most of the day, I’ve been spending almost all of my time with the dogs – Tahnee (of course) and Maya (my roommate’s dog). And since the dogs are both Labradors, they follow me everywhere all the time.

The dogs have greatly bonded to me in these past few weeks; I am their alpha, their everything. Whenever I leave, they sulk and pout and are pitiful. This is a drastic difference from a few weeks ago when I would just get sad eyes. Now every time I leave they ache devastation, unsure of what to do or where to go.

I suspect they just sleep.

I leave at least once everyday – if not to exercise, but to also run errands. Each time worst than the next, each time they are more helpless and forlorn. It is the worst part of their day

I, on the other hand, leave them with no guilt. And for this I believe I am punished.

Everyday, around 3pm it starts.

Tahn will suddenly sit, staring at me.

Maya gets up and paces a bit.

I ignore them at first. “No eye contact” I tell myself.

Tahn’s piercing black eyes start working their way into my soul.

When I cannot take it anymore I tell them both to lie down.

They do. We have peace.

Until 3:30pm.

Tahn is up again, beady eyes on me.

Maya may bark once or twice.

Now I’m getting mad. “No!” I shout. “Not yet.” I scold.

They huff and puff  and lie down.

By 4pm, it gets really bad. (Like yesterday).

They no longer hear anything I say.

They double-team me.

Tahn pokes me with her cold nose and gives me the stare of death.

Maya goes from a high-pitched whine to a full bark attack.

I get incredibly angry. “NO! BAD DOGS!” I yell.

Tahn stares and pokes and Maya barks.

I consider putting them in the backyard and then remember Maya will bark even more and Tahn will eat sticks.

I consider putting them in their respective rooms and then remember Maya will destroy my roommate’s things in anger and Tahn will lie on my bed and pull back the covers and put her head on my pillow.

I scold them once more, really being firm. They coil in sadness.

I can almost hear them talking to each other, “Gosh, she didn’t have to be so mean, Tahn,”

“I know, Maya.”

At 4:30pm on the dot, the dogs are fed and the worst part of my day is over.

Today I’ll be at a coffee shop from 2:30pm to 5pm if anyone needs me.

Pouty Dogs


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Things I like this week (vol. 10)

1. I discovered the goodness of roasted pumpkin seeds from Trader Joe’s a few months ago and they quickly became my favorite snack. Tonight I finally put them in my salad and OH.MY.GOD. they are unreal. Try them.

2. Lisa from Smacksy posted this on her “Smacksy Sunday Links” if you’ve ever had a dog and moved, then you must read it. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.

3. I baked again this weekend. And, if you don’t already know, I have an obsession with anything S’mores related. So when I made these, I almost died. Pure bliss.

4. The little boys in my apartment complex are playing some sort of police/capture/shoot-each-other-with-nerf-darts game outside right now and it makes me really miss being a kid. (Expect my roommate’s dog, Maya is FREAKING out with them running around my apartment. It’s unfortunate).

5. I decided to save some of my hard earned cash and start checking books out from the Library. I went and got a Library card today and learned that many books are available to check out in the e-book form – they will send the book to your Kindle for a period of three weeks. I excitedly came home and dusted off my 2nd edition Kindle (that looks like it’s from the dark ages) and I’m in the midst of getting it synced up with the Library. Love it – I don’t have to ever worry about late fees again!

6. I’ve had a lot more time on my hands lately and so I’ve been home most of the day. The dogs (Tahnee and Maya) have been glued to my hip. Part of me is tired of two large Labradors following me from room to room to room, but the other part of me just loves their devotion.

7. I’m in the middle of a major re-organization of well, everything. Man, does it feel so good. (Wasn’t I just complaining about being unorganized?)

8. I know I’m totally late to the party on this one, but I just started watching the first season of “Lost” – I kinda know how it ends from all of the outrage almost two years ago, but I still freakin’ love it.

I think I’m just like Kate. Sans the criminal record, curly hair and incredible biceps. Other than that, we’re exactly the same person. 😉

9. I’m also late to the party about the amazing Florence + The Machine as well, but I’ve just discovered they’re song, “Shake it Out” and no, I didn’t discover it from watching “Smash”…. This song has been my theme song for the past four weeks.

Let me just tell you:

It’s hard to dance with a devil on your back, so shake him off.

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Things I like this week (vol. 4)

Well, I’m not quite 100% from my crazy case of strep throat, but I’m feeling much better than last week. I ended up spending over half my week on the couch, trying to rest. Although my throat felt so much better, I still had no energy. It was extremely frustrating. I hate missing work, and I hate feeling that so exhausted. The good news: I didn’t feel like I was run over by a train today after work, so I’m making progress!!

Anyways, on ward to things I like this week:

I was listening to NPR on Friday and heard this great segment on Quitting. Although it’s an hour long, I highly recommend it.

I am totally going to make this soon. Oh, and this.

I wish Tahn liked to snuggle under blankets like this dog. (Thank you to Lisa Rae for posting it first).

This story has been all over the blogosphere. Jennie has posted three posts since her tragedy – all remarkably beautiful and heartbreaking (one last dance, for mikey and 5:52 pm).

And, if you want something to cheer you up and bring you to tears, go see The Help, the movie (and read the book!) Both are great.

Happy Monday.

Oh! I almost forgot. I am participating in the 20 somethings blogswap, so you’ll find me over at Leann’s blog on Wednesday!


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Tales of Tahnee

Everyday I come home for lunch and hang out with my sweet Tahnee. During my short break, I let her out into the backyard and let her roam around sniffing for rackety-coons and other such vermin. Tahn says that if she ever came across said trespassers, they sure would be sorry. But, until then, she is satisfied just smelling them.

Today was a normal day. I came home, pet Tahn for a few minutes, then opened my back door to let her out while I made myself lunch. Since it was such a nice day, I left my door open so she can come back inside whenever she wants.

And usually, after five minutes or so, Tahn meanders back inside.

But today, I realized I was done with eating my lunch and Tahn still hadn’t wandered back in. Not totally uncommon for her to take her time, so I got up to see what she was doing.

When I approached my back door I saw a straight shot to my back gate – and it was wide open. Sometimes, in a huge storm or on a particularly breezy day (like today), the gate flies open (it’s not that secure…)

And usually, on such occurrences, Tahn doesn’t even notice it is open. She is so aimless present-in-the-moment that doesn’t realize it and goes about sniffing the yard.

Upon first glance of the yard I did not see Tahnee.

I quickly walked outside, calling for Tahnee.

Upon second glance of the yard I did not see Tahnee.

“Tahnee!! Tahnee!!!!” I started yelling. Louder and louder since she did not appear.

I said to myself, “don’t freak out until you have something valid to freak out about.”

Upon third glance of the yard and I still did not see Tahnee, I was running towards the open gate.

My first thought was, “OhmyGod. This can’t be happening. OhmyGod. OhmyGod. OhmyGod.”

My second thought was, “I will have to call my boss and tell her I am not coming back to work until I find my dog.”

I really started to panic.

“She just has to be okay. She can’t be under a bus somewhere. OhmyGod. This can’t be happening!!!!”

Since I live in between two very busy streets, it is very probable a car would hit her. Or a bus. And since Tahn is aimless present-in-the-moment dog, she tends to be unaware of her surroundings.

As soon as I passed the open gate, there was Tahn. She was sniffing a pile of dirt in the alley where I believe a homeless man sleeps occasionally.

I know what you are thinking. You expect I would be full of joy.

“Yay! Tahnee!! I am so happy you’re okay! I love you so much!!”

But, instead, I was pissed.

“Why didn’t she come when she was called? What the hell was she thinking?!?!”

I know what you are thinking. You think I am a jerk. Well, I guess I when I have such a great dog who always comes when she is called even though she is a aimless present-in-the-moment dog, I expect that if she doesn’t come it’s because something is seriously wrong.

Fortunately, nothing was wrong. Nothing at all. Tahn is just a big huge idiot sweet little girl in her own world, and she was just fine.

I have to say I sure was thankful for her when I came home from work tonight and she greeted me at my door. I was so happy when after she ate, we played chase in the backyard. And, I am especially grateful to have her lying next to me right now.

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Letters from Tahn

I know. I know. I haven’t blogged in over 2 months. Well, I moved to my first solo apartment (more about this coming soon) and I didn’t have internet for the first 45 days at my new place. I now have internet, and I am back to blogging!

I am away from home working this week, so my wonderful dad is taking care of my sweet Tahn. He kindly sends letters to me from her. Please see two letters from her below.

Have a great one!


Dear Mum,

Grandpa changed the oil on the truck this morning.  He took me out to help him, but he took me through the garage door. I hate going through that door so I was very upset.  So, he took me back inside, then brought me out through the front door.  I was so happy!  I sniffed around out front for 1/2 hour or so, Grandpa didn’t worry about me at all.  When I was done sniffing I sat in the driveway, close enough to help Grandpa but far enough to be out of the way.  I just sat there, being so good!  And, Grandpa let me ride in the truck when he backed it on and off of the ramps.  That was fun!

Now the dishwasher is coming so I’m going to have to help install it.  I’m going to take a little nap first to re-charge!!!



Dear Mum,

Things have taken a turn.  Grandpa and I finished installing the dishwasher.  He was hungry so he made himself a sandwich.  Naturally I thought I was getting one as soon as he took out the bread.  HE DIDN’T GIVE ME ONE!!!!

Tonight, when he sleeps, I’m going to give him a bite…then blame it on the feral cat!!!

Love, Tahn


(A litte back story – Tahn has been getting peanut butter sandwiches with medication in them for her ear infections. She gets very upset if she doesn’t get a sandwich if you pull bread or peanut butter out….)


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Me and My Bed vs. Tahn

Ok. I have a situation. Tahnee is a bed hog.

Tahn has a clear and defined “side” of the bed, and is completely aware of it. When we go to bed, I tell her “your side” and in the past she would jump on the bed then walk to her “side” and lie down.

But, lately, she walks to the middle of the bed and then snuggles on my side, completely infringing on my personal space. Plus, it is still slightly summer weather, and frankly it’s hot.

Tahnee, in the middle of my clean bed. Actually, she is more on my side than hers...

For years, I couldn’t bribe Tahnee to snuggle with me. If I pulled her closer to me, she would grunt and the roll away. However, this summer despite the occasional heat, there was my black lab, with her fur coat, snuggled up right beside me. At first I was elated! Tahn is a snuggle bunny and finally snuggling with me!

But now, I am just annoyed. Not only is she invading my personal space, but she also goes off of her designed sheet she is suppose to lie on (to keep the hair and dirt off my other sheets and blanket). Tahn now lies completely on my side while her side is clean, and my blanket is dirty, stinky and covered with fur.

I know what you’re thinking. “Just don’t let her on the bed”. I know. I know. But, I really like her on my bed with me. Especially since I don’t live in the best neighborhood, it is nice to have a breathing, loving being next to me.

And, let’s just be honest, she loves it.

Ok, let’s be really honest. I love it.

What’s a Crazy Dog Lady to do? Well. Here’s my plan:

Rule #1: she must stay on her side.
Rule #2: if she violates Rule #1, she gets moved to her side.
Rule #3: if she violates Rule #1 and #2, she gets kicked off for the night…

That’s the plan. Updates will be provided on the status of this serious problem.


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