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12 Mini Confessions

After reading Jenny Blake’s’ 12 Mini Confessions today, I felt inspired to write a few of my own… Happy Monday.

  1. Tahn’s name: When I introduce someone to Tahnee for the first time, I feel like they’re judging me – because she is a black dog with a name pronounced “Tawney” – a beige color So before they can even ask, I automatically tell them I did not name her.
  2. I’ve been afraid that moving to San Diego was a mistake:  After a few bad days in San Diego, I secretly thought, “Was this a good idea? Should I just pack up and go home?” but at the end of the day, I am happy with my decision.
  3. Sweets: I cannot go a day without having something sweet. Ever. (Maybe that’s why I’m doing Operation Love Handle).
  4. RHWBH: My favorite trashy TV show right now is Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I’m embarrassed to admit it.
  5. Organization/ Planning: I am completely organized at work, where everything has it’s place. I plan entire productions, operations, crews of people. Everything goes according to plan and without a hitch. Not at home. My room is a mess. Over half the things I need are accidentally in storage (I mistakenly labeled them storage…) I guess I use all my creative, organized energy towards work…
  6. Movies: My perfect day is watching movies all day laying on the couch. (Pretty Woman? Dumb and Dumber? You’ve Got Mail?)
  7. Sans Tahn: As much as I miss Tahn, I am really enjoying my freedom – not worrying about her or getting home to feed her or take her out. It’s nice making spur of the moment plans without thinking of anyone but myself.
  8. Bedtime: I’m rarely awake past 10pm on a work night. Like Tahn, Mommy needs her sleep.
  9. My favorite way to spend an evening is reading blogs. I know. I’m boring.
  10. I really, really want to learn how to surf: Even though I’m slightly afraid of being pulled out to sea in the current, I desperately want to learn.
  11. I cannot do a regular push-up. And I never have been able to. Although, I am currently adding a new workout to remedy this situation and I will share about soon… 🙂
  12. I loved the Oprah show and wish that I could have been an audience member before it ended. So, so sad.

Do you have any confessions?



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