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driving with my windows down

On the way home from my Bar Method class today I rolled my windows down and let the warm air in.

It was perfect outside.

And, I realized that up until very recently, I never drove with my windows down.

I had three reasons:

1) It was usually really hot outside in Sacramento and sitting idle with the windows down made me sweat. I hated sweating.

2) The wind messed up my hair.

3) Allergies.

My not-having-the-windows-down-ever rule was, at times, an irritant of my friend/family member/ boyfriend. I may or may not have had multiple fights about this.

Fortunately, in San Diego, sitting idle with your windows down at a traffic light is quite pleasant; it is rarely too hot to make one sweat.

And, for the most part, my allergies are very mild if non-existent.

Yet, for months living here, I didn’t drive with my windows down. Sure, we’ve had a handful of rainy days. Some chilly mornings. For the most part, however, we doing just fine weather-wise. 65 degrees and sunny. Mind-blowingly gorgeous.

Still, my car? Windows = up.

Why the change? Why are my windows down?

The first few months in San Diego were kind of rough. I didn’t have Tahn. Although I loved my roommates, I was a transient waiting for my own place.  And mainly, my difficult transition was due to my previous job. Yep. The job that I moved to San Diego for.

To make a long story short, I left that job two months ago and started with a new (and really fantastic) company. And officially one month into my new job, I can say that I still really like it. I would say I like it more and more everyday.

So here’s to driving with your windows down.

And having messed up hair. 😉


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Things I like this week (vol. 5)

Soon, I'll be at a San Diego beach.

(image source)

As I prepare for my move and next adventure, I have a range of emotions this week. Some joy, some excitement, some sadness and a little more anxiety for my taste.


Here are a few things I really like this week:

This post by Lisa Rae about her marriage and when she met her husband. I totally laughed out loud. I know you will too.

This post by Drea where she unveils her manifesto. I may need to print her manifesto and read it. Lots.

Kristy’s brave posts on her weight loss. And they’re so freakin funny!

This from Molly’s Smart, Pretty, Awkward. Okay, I know it’s not from this week, but, it’s really great.

Another hilarious post from Marinka. (I’m super serious. You NEED to read her blog).


On another note…

Tomorrow is my last day at my current job (which I ironically just realized, I’ve had for exactly a year. It was suppose to be temporary… it’s interesting how things change) – then I’ll be packing for San Diego. It’s a bittersweet time – I’ve never worked at a place this long before. I know it will be emotional saying goodbye to so many people. But the hardest part for me is the fact that I will never see some of them again. It’s weird. I’ve seen them everyday for the past two years; and after tomorrow, I most likely will never see them again. They know about my nephew, they know about my family, they know I’m a crazy dog lady.

But tomorrow, it will all change.

It’s going to be an adjustment.

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The Job Search and Dating

“In New York, they say you’re always looking for a job, a boyfriend, or an apartment.” – Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

As a job seeker and single woman, I spend a lot of my free time looking for a better job and a great guy (I have a GREAT apartment). And, in the last few months, it has occurred to me just how similar the job search and dating really are.

Similarity #1: People asking questions

People who know you are looking for a job, or looking for a relationship almost always ask you about your search (for a job or a man). This is an exhausting question. First of all, usually the same culprits ask you; those who love or care deeply for you but don’t speak to you on a regular basis. This is usually the first question they ask you:

“Have you found any good jobs lately?” or “How’s the job search going?”

Or, even worse, “Have you met anyone great lately?” or “Are you seeing someone new?”

These questions are troublesome because almost always the answer is the same:

Yes, I have found some jobs I am applying to and no, I haven’t gotten any interviews yet.

Or, your response is:

No, I haven’t met anyone new. Or, No one I ever want to see again. Or, Yes, I met a guy, but he lives with his parents and is the most socially awkward man I have ever met.

I understand that these people are trying to be kind and learn about your life, but, let me tell you – any job seeker or person dating will tell you – usually no news is bad news – so just leave it at that.

Similarity #2: The job interview/ date

The preparation for the job interview/ date can be very much alike. You want to look your best. You spend extra time getting ready. You are putting your best foot forward.

The actual job interview/ date can be awkward, uncomfortable, nerve racking.  You think carefully about what you say, and possibly will obsess over something you said (or didn’t say later).

When you leave the job interview/ date, you usually check in with someone to tell them how it went; you go over things talked about, questions asked, and how you feel it went.

Immediately after the job interview/ date, you normally know how you feel about it. You know if you want the job (or to go out again), or if you don’t want the job (or are afraid he likes you and you have to let him down easy). Either way, anxiety kicks in, and you wait to hear from them.

If it’s a job, it could be over a week until you get a call back. If it’s a guy, it could be up to three days until he calls you (Really? Why the three-day-rule? Could someone please explain to me why guys do this?)

During the time of waiting, (if you want the job/ guy), you try to distract yourself. You go out with friends, you throw yourself into a “Bones” marathon, and you walk your dog. Everyday. Multiple times a day. Anything but to sit around a wait for that call.

Similarity #3 The decision

Woo-hoo! You got a job offer! The guy called! Yes!!! So great!

Now, you have to consider the offer. For the job, is it the money that you are looking for? What about the benefits? You love the company, but is it a good offer?

For the guy, he called. He likes you too. (Yay!!!) But, did you meet some of his friends and they aren’t good guys? Or, he works all the time and only can fit you into his schedule once a week? Or, has he told you that he likes you, but isn’t sure that marriage is for him? You like the guy, but is it a good fit?

Now, is the most heart-wrenching, hardest part of the whole job search/ dating debacle. You have to decide if this job/ guy is really right for you. And you know what? Sometimes it isn’t.

In January, I was offered a great job at a great company – I was so happy. But, they money they offered me was not even close to what I need to make to live. I had to turn it down – which was very hard decision – because the job wasn’t the right fit for me. And, this is often the case with guys. You have to walk away because although you like him (and he likes you too!) he is just not what you need to live happily.


Thus, here is the thing with the Job Search and Dating. Overall, it is really hard. Overall, it is really exhausting. But, overall, the right job or right guy, can make all of this really worth it.


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Goodbyes and New Beginnings

Tomorrow is the last day of my job.

A year ago this weekend I signed up for a job that was a year commitment. I’ve known all year that tomorrow, September 23, would be my last day.

In the past few months, as I have prepared for this ending, I was optimistic, excited about my future opportunities. As a young professional with a hell of a work ethic and a lot to offer, I was confident I would find a position that I loved if not with my current organization, but definitely with another.

As time slowly crept by, and opportunities came and went, I became increasingly anxious. Despite reassurances from some very kind (and knowledgeable) people, I had no job lined up. Last week, with my last day on the horizon, I slowly cleaned out my desk and wrapped up all of my projects. I recycled countless notes from meetings, ideas, agendas, flyers, that I at one time felt worthy to keep, yet now, I feel that they are not important. What was important to me, I quickly realized, was that after a year of working and putting my heart into my projects, I would be leaving my office, with no guarantee to return.

In the cubicles around me, people were shuffling around, busy with projects, deadlines, and meetings. I overheard important, passionate conversations. People were talking happily of their successes and disappointment with their challenges. Yet, there I sat, at my desk with nothing. No future job secured. I had nothing to do as of Monday, September 27th.

As I started this week, I decided I would leave on a happy note, not with Eeyore following me around and a cloud over my head. Instead, I would have a good week and not cry when colleagues stopped by my desk, sad to see me go. I would be strong, leave with my box of belongings, and celebrate my year at this organization with my colleagues I loved most. As difficult as this week was going to be, it had been a fantastic year, and it was time for a close.

Tuesday afternoon, one of my colleagues sent me an email: Job Offer.

Now, I have a few applications out there, and I am hopeful that the applications will turn into an interview and hopefully a job offer, but the offer would be at least weeks away.

And here I was, staring at an email of a colleague offering me a job –  a temporary job – yet a job. At first I thought, no, I should just leave and focus on finding permanent employment. Take a few days off. Walk Tahnee for two hours everyday.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that my promising job applications were not a promise of employment, and that in fact, at the end of October I could still be unemployed. I decided to take the temporary job, with the condition that I may leave for another permanent job.

Although I officially start my new job Monday, I got to start working on my new project today. And although it is at the same organization, working with the same people, I felt very excited, and I loved working on the new project. I no longer was referred to my old job title (which, after a year, started having a negative connotation…) and I gained a new level of respect. And although I know this is not permanent, I feel that this new (temporary) beginning has been just what I needed.

So tomorrow, when I go to work as my last “official” day in my old position, I will be happy for the experience I had, and not sad to be leaving. But, instead, I will be hopeful of my new beginning.


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Jumping right in

I thought it is ironic that in my first day as a blogger, particularly a blogger about my dog Tahnee and myself, it would make sense that she got sick (again).

Tahnee (or, who I refer to as Tahn) has a very sensitive stomach. Ever since she was a baby, she has been frequently getting sick, and I would promptly put her on her bland diet of choice: cottage cheese and rice. (And, she ALWAYS has cottage cheese on her nose after she is done eating- even now as a 3 year old).

Tahn as a baby with cottage cheese on her nose

Tahn’s episodes of an upset tummy always was mended by her bland diet and with in a few days, she would be back to her old self.

Back in April of 2010, Tahn decided to go into The Roomy’s (my roommate’s) bedroom when she was left alone. While hanging out on her bed, she discovered a travel size container of Advil, and decided it would be a good idea to chew on the bottle. Subsequently, while chewing, 3 pills of Advil came out, and she ate them right up.

I came home quickly after this happened, catching her in the act of chewing the bottle. Consequently, she became very sick (Advil is extremely toxic for dogs) and in the next two weeks, she was in and out of the Vet Hospital and took a variety of medications.

Flash forward to today. I was at work, returning to my desk from a job interview (cross your fingers!!), to discover a series of panicked texts from The Roomy, telling me Tahn is crying (whining) and puking. Well, Tahn always cries when her tummy hurts her, so that did not concern me. What concerned me was, that she was she puking. I couldn’t think of any reason for her to be sick. (Usually, in the past, her sickness comes out the other end).

After a call to her amazing Vet, I decided to leave work at my lunch break to check on my baby girl. Tahn’s energy was lower than normal and definitely not herself. I stayed home rest of the day and have followed the doctor’s orders of cottage cheese and rice and Pepcid AC.

So, yet another day of being a Crazy Dog Lady, leaving work to take care of her.

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