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Los Angeles, baby

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This past week, I traveled again for work. If you follow me on twitter, you may have gotten really sick of really enjoyed all of my updates on my travels from Sunday on.  I flew into LAX on Sunday afternoon and rented a car and drove to my hotel.

Do you like how casual I was about that? You know, me renting a car and driving in LA?

Even though I have been legally allowed to rent a car in California for almost 2 years, I never have. Until Sunday. I reserved a mid-sized car that was advertised as a Corolla or Civic. Well, they did not have a Corolla or Civic for me. They had a Ford Focus. I was very disappointed. However, by the end of my 4-day excursion I kinda liked my Ford Focus. I actually named her.

(I totally forgot to take a picture of her, so I guess this will do.)

Say hello to Cherry Bullet

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Anyways, I got Cherry Bullet and um… Drove in Los Angeles. I’ve driven through LA many, many times but I have never drove a car in and around downtown LA. It was challenging. Let’s just say that after I located my hotel, it took me 20 minutes to figure out how to pull into the hotel parking. Don’t judge.

Quick back-story: both of my parents grew up, met, married and started our family in Southern California. They spent many years of their lives in and around Los Angeles. Very soon after I was born, they moved out of LA and we never moved back. My parents hate Los Angeles. They hate it. My entire life I have always heard how awful LA is; the smog, the people, the congestion, the traffic…. So, not surprisingly, I hated it too. When traveling outside of California, I would get very insulted if people thought I lived in LA. “No” I would correct them. “I live in Northern California.

Needless to say, I was not looking forward to being in LA for work. After arriving at the hotel on Sunday, I decided to have dinner. Whenever I’ve traveled for work in the past, I’ve always had a co-worker with me to share a meal with. This time, I was traveling alone. I was staying in the super-duper fancy Westin Bonaventure (which, when my parents learned what hotel I was staying in, they both exclaimed, “That’s a really nice hotel!“) I was in one of the towers, on the 22 floor, over looking downtown. It was awesome. I chose one of the many restaurants in the hotel and had dinner by myself.

Like how casual I was about that? I had dinner by myself. I’ve been to many “fast food” or “order at the counter” restaurants by myself. I usually order my food and then leave. In college, I would usually eat at the restaurant, but usually it was on campus, in between classes so I would study while I ate.

In my adult life, I have never gone into a “sit down” restaurant by myself and ordered dinner. Breaking out of my comfort zone, I decided against sitting at the bar and instead sat at a table by myself. Of course, I came prepared and had a book to read; but I have to admit, it was hard to sit there alone. I felt like everyone was looking at me, and judging me. But, within 20 minutes I felt fine.

I’m so grown up. Rented a car. Drove in LA. Ate at a restaurant by myself.

I had a great day at work on Monday, then had dinner with my pseudo step sister* and her fantastic roommate. They met me downtown and we went to a very chic LA restaurant. We had so much fun.

We enjoyed a nice glass of wine.

By the time I left Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon, Cherry Bullet and I mastered driving in LA; and I had a really good time. I have to admit I kinda liked LA. Well, at least I can say I don’t hate it.

*Our parents aren’t married, but have been together for years. We just say we’re step siblings. It’s easier. 🙂



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