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driving with my windows down

On the way home from my Bar Method class today I rolled my windows down and let the warm air in.

It was perfect outside.

And, I realized that up until very recently, I never drove with my windows down.

I had three reasons:

1) It was usually really hot outside in Sacramento and sitting idle with the windows down made me sweat. I hated sweating.

2) The wind messed up my hair.

3) Allergies.

My not-having-the-windows-down-ever rule was, at times, an irritant of my friend/family member/ boyfriend. I may or may not have had multiple fights about this.

Fortunately, in San Diego, sitting idle with your windows down at a traffic light is quite pleasant; it is rarely too hot to make one sweat.

And, for the most part, my allergies are very mild if non-existent.

Yet, for months living here, I didn’t drive with my windows down. Sure, we’ve had a handful of rainy days. Some chilly mornings. For the most part, however, we doing just fine weather-wise. 65 degrees and sunny. Mind-blowingly gorgeous.

Still, my car? Windows = up.

Why the change? Why are my windows down?

The first few months in San Diego were kind of rough. I didn’t have Tahn. Although I loved my roommates, I was a transient waiting for my own place.  And mainly, my difficult transition was due to my previous job. Yep. The job that I moved to San Diego for.

To make a long story short, I left that job two months ago and started with a new (and really fantastic) company. And officially one month into my new job, I can say that I still really like it. I would say I like it more and more everyday.

So here’s to driving with your windows down.

And having messed up hair. 😉



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Onward to San Diego

Well, I did it guys.

I packed up all of my stuff and moved to San Diego.

This is the first time I saw a San Diego sign on the 5. (You can see the Budget truck my dad is driving in front of me). (Yes, I was using my cell phone and driving. Please don't tell Oprah. I'm ashamed).

Before I left for San Diego, I had a very special Farewell dinner with my good friend from high school and her family.

They had a "Farewell" for me specially put on the menu. It was really wonderful.

I spent Saturday night in San Francisco for a wedding.

I LOVE San Francisco.

And had a great last dinner with my mom, her boyfriend, my brother, S2 and Buddy. It was HARD leaving them. It was even harder going back to my dad’s house without Tahn.

You read that right – I left Tahn in the Bay Area. I am in San Diego sans Tahn. Without my sweet little girl. Why? Why would I do something so crazy? Because she really, really does poorly with transitions and I wanted to make this move as smooth as possible for her. So, she will be living with my dad (her grandpa) until I find a permanent place.

The toothpicks that Tahn destroyed recently at my dad's house. She's having difficulty adjusting.

I stayed at my dad’s from Thursday night until Monday morning, (or as my dad said, I was ‘living with him for the weekend’ :)) and on Monday, October 3 we hit the road super early to drive to San Diego. (Family friends of mine were taking care of Tahn from Sunday night until Tuesday so my dad could come with me on the trip).

A picture of me and my dad stopped at our favorite gas station - Love Gas Station ❤

We had a fantastic drive and arrived in San Diego in about 9 hours (that included 3 bathroom breaks and one half-hour lunch).

My dad had to leave on Tuesday, and that was the hardest goodbye of all. My dad bent over backwards (as he always does for his kids) to help me pack up my stuff in Sacramento, drive it to San Diego, and unload it in the storage unit. It was madness. I couldn’t have done it without him.

I’m living temporarily with my sister’s friends – and they have been awesome – as I’ve transitioned to San Diego.

After a beach day with my sister yesterday, and a fun day of watching football (I’m actually learning the rules!) I’m ready to start my new job tomorrow… 🙂 Wish me luck!


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Ode to the City of Trees

(image source)

Dear City of Trees,

I moved away from you one week ago today. It’s weird to thing that I no longer live in your lovely city, and probably never will again.

Initially, I HATED you. When I moved to Davis (a smaller city nearby) for college, I used to talk about how lame I thought you were and how I would never live in your city, my state capital. In the three 2 ½ years I lived in Davis, I ventured in to your city a handful of times. Usually I would go downtown to meet for Tahnee’s service dog training classes on Saturday mornings. I couldn’t wait to get out; there was nothing in your city I liked.

Oddly enough, when I graduated college in December 2008, I had made a number of friends in your area and I wasn’t quite ready to leave. I decided to apply for jobs in your city and (ahh!! the horror!) live in the City of Trees.

So that’s what I did. Eventually, I found a job I liked and met more people who quickly became good friends. About a year ago I started looking for a better job and decided after getting offered a job in San Francisco that although most of my family lived in the Bay Area, I wasn’t ready to leave my friends and the life I built with you, in your city.

About two months ago, I changed my mind. Although I really loved my apartment and my friends, I decided your city just wasn’t for me anymore. I decided it was time for me to move on. But, in my time in your city, you definitely grew on me and I fell in love with a few things.

Here’s some things I just love about you:

1)    The size. It’s super easy to get around your city. The grid downtown, the small size, and the beautiful streets made walking through you so much fun. I’ll miss being able to walk to my favorite happy hours without worrying to drive home.

2)    My friends. I have some great friends in your city – they are always there for me when I need them. It’s weird to not be near them anymore…

3)    My apartment. Not only was it the first place I ever lived all by myself, but it was such a great space, great location, great EVERYTHING. It was my favorite home I’ve ever lived in and it was mine.

The keys to my apartment. Dang, I'm going to miss it.

I loved my claw foot tub in my apartment.

4)    The river. Well, I don’t love the river, but I grew to really like it. I had some fun days on the river, and obviously, so did Tahn.

5)    The Sacramento/Davis area is the only home Tahn has ever known. Although I moved four times in the 5 years I lived in the area, Tahn was with me in each place. Moving her out of that area is a little odd – but exciting.

6)    The capital – although to date I’ve only met one person who worked at the capital that I actually liked, the hum and buzz of the capital was always very exciting. Not to mention the building is gorgeous.

7)    You’re near most of my family. You’re close enough that I could go home on the weekend, but far enough that I could stay away when I wanted. GOD, I’M GOING TO MISS THEM.*

8)    My yoga studio. Michelle, the owner of the studio and my yoga teacher is the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had and her studio is the BEST studio I’ve ever been to. I didn’t go nearly as much as I would have liked; but when I did, I loved it.

We had a great few years. I enjoyed living in your city. I appreciated your hospitality. Now, it’s time for me to move on.

Thanks for the memories,


*To be perfectly honest, the past 5 years have been pretty rough overall. I’ve definitely had good times, good days, good weeks, and good months, but I haven’t had a good year in … well … YEARS. My family has been overwhelmingly wonderful these past five years. My parents, my grandma, my brother and sister-in-law, and of course, my sister. For the past two years, (sans my sister) everyone was just a short drive away. I went home a lot. I went home many, many weekends when I didn’t have plans or have any friends (in college. And, to be honest, after college too). My sister has been a great support via phone – and it’s so weird I’m now just a short drive from her, and a short flight/ long drive from my other family. Bottom line: I do not know how I would have gotten through the past years without my family. Really. I am so thankful.


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Things I like this week (vol. 5)

Soon, I'll be at a San Diego beach.

(image source)

As I prepare for my move and next adventure, I have a range of emotions this week. Some joy, some excitement, some sadness and a little more anxiety for my taste.


Here are a few things I really like this week:

This post by Lisa Rae about her marriage and when she met her husband. I totally laughed out loud. I know you will too.

This post by Drea where she unveils her manifesto. I may need to print her manifesto and read it. Lots.

Kristy’s brave posts on her weight loss. And they’re so freakin funny!

This from Molly’s Smart, Pretty, Awkward. Okay, I know it’s not from this week, but, it’s really great.

Another hilarious post from Marinka. (I’m super serious. You NEED to read her blog).


On another note…

Tomorrow is my last day at my current job (which I ironically just realized, I’ve had for exactly a year. It was suppose to be temporary… it’s interesting how things change) – then I’ll be packing for San Diego. It’s a bittersweet time – I’ve never worked at a place this long before. I know it will be emotional saying goodbye to so many people. But the hardest part for me is the fact that I will never see some of them again. It’s weird. I’ve seen them everyday for the past two years; and after tomorrow, I most likely will never see them again. They know about my nephew, they know about my family, they know I’m a crazy dog lady.

But tomorrow, it will all change.

It’s going to be an adjustment.

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