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My verison of Rear Window and Tahn at the river

In the two weeks I was sick with strep throat, I spent a lot of time sitting on my couch. In between naps, baths and doctors appointments, I watched many hours of In Plain Sight and Bones on Roku box. The first week I was sick I had not yet discovered the beautifully, wonderful Tim Riggins and company from Friday Night Lights and surprisingly, I got pretty sick of watching In Plain Sight and Bones.

So instead of watching TV, I watched my neighbors the activity on my street.

Kind of like my very own version of Rear Window. Except, I’m not Jimmy Stewart and I didn’t have a male version of Grace Kelly to take care of me, nor did I witness a murder.

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But other then those little details, it was practically exactly the same situation. I became incredibly bored of being sick and resting all the time.

So just like my friend Jimmy, I spent many, many hours looking out my window.

I didn't have a camera.

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Let me tell you. Some interesting things go on during the day on my little street in Sacramento. I witnessed mostly comings and goings (I could give you my neighbor’s schedules, by the hour if you’re interested) but some other fun things happened too. (Please keep in mind these were “fun” for me: a bored, feverish, woman with an incredibly sore throat…)

On with the fun:

– I saw a group of my coworkers; oddly enough they took walks by my apartment building a few times.

– One of my neighbors took about three days to move, and I believe her friends and family that helped her moved thought I was a lonely, lazy, lady who sat on her couch for hours on end.

– Taxi Cabs apparently park on my street during the day to hang out.

– Lots of homeless people walk by. I would say about 50% of the people who walk by my apartment are homeless.

The second week of strep throat I spent even more time on the couch, but I discovered Friday Night Lights. Now, I realize I am about six years too late to jump on the Friday Night Lights bandwagon, but ohmygosh. I can’t really say anything more then Tim Riggins, Tim Riggins or… um yeah, Tim Riggins. It’s superb and makes me want to throw my whole “I want to marry a German man” thing right out the window and settle down with a nice Southern Boy. Ahem. Tim Riggins. (Don’t even say it. I know he’s a bad boy. I’m working on it).

Anyhoo. The good new is that I finally feel 100% better. I am so happy to be done with strep.


In other news…

I took Tahn to the river on Saturday with one of my friends and her two dogs. Tahn was pretty good, she came when I called her about 90% of the time (compared to her terrible display of behavior at the lake earlier this summer…) But listening to me 90% of the time is unacceptable, so let’s just say, recalls is something I will definitely be working on with Tahn in the next couple of months…

Tahn was SOAKED everywhere except her shoulders.

Here are two videos of her playing. Enjoy. 🙂

Video 1

Video 2

(I’m still too cheap to pay to have the videos on my blog, sorry!)



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No Cable Here

One of the things I was excited about in my new apartment was getting cable TV. I just couldn’t wait to get cable and DVR. I have a few favorite shows that I just love and usually can’t catch them when they air. Thus, the love of DVR. Although it is crazy expensive to have cable, DVR, and internet it was totally worth it for me!

However, in my current financial situation I just couldn’t afford it. So, I was going to put it off until sometime in the near future and just watch a lot of movies until then. Then, for Christmas, my dad got me a Roku box. Yes. A Roku box. In is a very niffty little device that allows you to watch Netflix Instant Movies as well as Hulu Plus (and other instant TV shows).

When I finally got internet in February, I could hook up my Roku box. Instantly, I loved it. Only paying around $8.00 a month (for Hulu Plus), I got to instantly stream TV shows and movies to my TVs. Also, I get to stream movies straight from my Netflix account.

So, guess what? I am not getting cable anymore. I’m going to keep my $100 a month, Comcast. I’m completely satisfied with my TV choices. 🙂

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