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Ode to the City of Trees

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Dear City of Trees,

I moved away from you one week ago today. It’s weird to thing that I no longer live in your lovely city, and probably never will again.

Initially, I HATED you. When I moved to Davis (a smaller city nearby) for college, I used to talk about how lame I thought you were and how I would never live in your city, my state capital. In the three 2 ½ years I lived in Davis, I ventured in to your city a handful of times. Usually I would go downtown to meet for Tahnee’s service dog training classes on Saturday mornings. I couldn’t wait to get out; there was nothing in your city I liked.

Oddly enough, when I graduated college in December 2008, I had made a number of friends in your area and I wasn’t quite ready to leave. I decided to apply for jobs in your city and (ahh!! the horror!) live in the City of Trees.

So that’s what I did. Eventually, I found a job I liked and met more people who quickly became good friends. About a year ago I started looking for a better job and decided after getting offered a job in San Francisco that although most of my family lived in the Bay Area, I wasn’t ready to leave my friends and the life I built with you, in your city.

About two months ago, I changed my mind. Although I really loved my apartment and my friends, I decided your city just wasn’t for me anymore. I decided it was time for me to move on. But, in my time in your city, you definitely grew on me and I fell in love with a few things.

Here’s some things I just love about you:

1)    The size. It’s super easy to get around your city. The grid downtown, the small size, and the beautiful streets made walking through you so much fun. I’ll miss being able to walk to my favorite happy hours without worrying to drive home.

2)    My friends. I have some great friends in your city – they are always there for me when I need them. It’s weird to not be near them anymore…

3)    My apartment. Not only was it the first place I ever lived all by myself, but it was such a great space, great location, great EVERYTHING. It was my favorite home I’ve ever lived in and it was mine.

The keys to my apartment. Dang, I'm going to miss it.

I loved my claw foot tub in my apartment.

4)    The river. Well, I don’t love the river, but I grew to really like it. I had some fun days on the river, and obviously, so did Tahn.

5)    The Sacramento/Davis area is the only home Tahn has ever known. Although I moved four times in the 5 years I lived in the area, Tahn was with me in each place. Moving her out of that area is a little odd – but exciting.

6)    The capital – although to date I’ve only met one person who worked at the capital that I actually liked, the hum and buzz of the capital was always very exciting. Not to mention the building is gorgeous.

7)    You’re near most of my family. You’re close enough that I could go home on the weekend, but far enough that I could stay away when I wanted. GOD, I’M GOING TO MISS THEM.*

8)    My yoga studio. Michelle, the owner of the studio and my yoga teacher is the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had and her studio is the BEST studio I’ve ever been to. I didn’t go nearly as much as I would have liked; but when I did, I loved it.

We had a great few years. I enjoyed living in your city. I appreciated your hospitality. Now, it’s time for me to move on.

Thanks for the memories,


*To be perfectly honest, the past 5 years have been pretty rough overall. I’ve definitely had good times, good days, good weeks, and good months, but I haven’t had a good year in … well … YEARS. My family has been overwhelmingly wonderful these past five years. My parents, my grandma, my brother and sister-in-law, and of course, my sister. For the past two years, (sans my sister) everyone was just a short drive away. I went home a lot. I went home many, many weekends when I didn’t have plans or have any friends (in college. And, to be honest, after college too). My sister has been a great support via phone – and it’s so weird I’m now just a short drive from her, and a short flight/ long drive from my other family. Bottom line: I do not know how I would have gotten through the past years without my family. Really. I am so thankful.



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Tales of Tahn, part II

Tahn, being a good girl, laying in the sun on our back porch. (I've never been able to take a good picture of the Demon Dog**)

This morning was a typical morning. I let Tahn out to go “hurry” (that was the bathroom command she had when she was trained to be a service dog) and I watched her wander around from my bedroom window as I got ready for work. (Note: I live in an old Victorian house, converted into apartments with a large shared backyard).

I was combing out my wet hair, watching Tahn start making her way back to my apartment back door.

Then, I noticed something caught her attention. She looked up towards my landlord’s apartment, and then, sheer joy radiated from her little black eyes. I knew what was happening and I couldn’t stop it.

Tahnee looked right at me, yelling at her from the window to comeupstairs, ignored me, and sprinted up my landlord’s stairs.

I ran around to my back door, calling her to come to me; and it was then I saw her Corn-Cobbing* my neighbor and his poor, old, aging dog. (This sweet dog is over 14 years old and has a hard time going up and down the stairs…)

Barefoot, wet headed, and in “non-landlord appropriate clothing” I ran up his stairs, yelling at Tahnee to leave them alone and comeherrightnow.

She bolted down the stairs to me, wide grin, with a little demon in her*. I grabbed her collar, and pulled her back into my apartment.

This is all before 7am…


*Corn-Cobbing is what I call when Tahn nibbles on people. She gives them these “love bites”, which looks like she is eating an ear of corn (especially if she is nibbling someone’s arm).

** Demon Dog is what happens to Tahn when she becomes possessed by a Demon. (Or so we think). She gets a fire in her eyes, puts her ears back, tucks her butt and tail in, and runs around like a maniac. Sometime Demon Dog lasts for 2 seconds, other times it lasts for 30 minutes (like it did at the dog park the other day). Tahn has been possessed by a Demon ever since she was a baby. Apparently, her brother and sister get possessed too. And, I’ve heard other Labradors and Golden Retrievers get possessed on an occasion…


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