Week One

My name is Brittany, and I’m a Facebookaholic.

I haven’t been on Facebook for over a week and I really, really, miss it. What this week without Facebook has taught me is not that I miss seeing my Facebook “friend’s” posts, but I miss updating my status. I have a whole week of status updates in my head and I just have to get them out:

I am loving this weather.

Tahn would really like a walk tonight but I am just not feeling it.

I LOVED my yoga class tonight.

Dodgeball! Dodgeball! Dodgeball!

Feeling defeated. (Editor’s note – I was referring to losing a dodge ball game – it’s all good now).

So tired today…

I am turning into my brother. I am making everyone I know listen to Britney Spear’s new CD and asking their opinions.

Beautiful day!

Phew. I feel better. Well, do I? What did the world lose by not seeing those status updates all week? The people on Facebook who usually comment on my statuses are people who I normally see or talk to on a regular basis and I usually tell them about everything I post. So, why do I need to post?

Actually, not posting my status forced conversations where there previously wasn’t. Usually, I would go to tell a friend something, like, “We lost our dodgeball game last night”. And they would say, “Yeah. I know. I read it on Facebook”. Facebook, while at times is great at spreading information to all your friends, usually handicaps most relationships. Facebook has taken the excitement out of many conversations. As opposed to telling your friends you are engaged, people usually post it on Facebook and then get a huge amounts of comments – which I bet would be more fun to receive over the phone or in person. Or even in a text message. (And I hate text messages. But, I think it would be more personal than a Facebook post)

In addition, I really only allow a handful of my Facebook “friends” to view my wall/ status updates. I do this because I feel I don’t want everyone I am Facebook “friends” with to see what I am posting about. Which, really negates why we are friends. If I don’t want you to see what I am posting about or a picture I added, then tell me again, why are we Facebook “friends”?

Because of the stupid Facebook Shenanigans. (One of my favorite bloggers coined that phrase and I love it). People use the “friending” and “unfriending” of Facebook “friends” as such an important measure of how others feel about them. Like “accepting” someone to be your friend actually means something. News flash: many people will “accept” you to be their Facebook “friend” just because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. Then, after sometime goes by, they “defriend” you.

So then, I have two questions:

  1.      Why would it hurt your feelings if someone didn’t “friend” you on Facebook?
  2.      Why do you care?

Okay, I ask these questions not only to you, my dear readers of 45 people, but I also ask them of myself. I admit that I have “accepted” people and then “defriended” them after some time has past. I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. However, I have never cared when someone has “defriended” me. I actually think it’s ridiculous. And very silly. If you and I are friends, you know it. We don’t have to be linked on a social networking website for me to prove that to you.

This week of not being on Facebook or Twitter (Twitter! I can’t forget about you?! Twitter, you are my favorite because you are 100% status updates. Oh, Twitter. I miss you!) This wee has not only shown me that I love to update my status, or that being someone’s Facebook “friend” really means nothing about anything, but it also has shown me how much time I waste on Facebook. I realized that every morning I probably spent anywhere from 1-15 minutes on Facebook. At lunch, I would also spend another 1-10 minutes on Facebook. And in the evening, I could spend another 10 minutes on Facebook.

That means I was spending as much as a half an hour everyday on Facebook.

That could count towards another 30 minutes of sleep, or 30 minutes of reading, or 30 minutes at the gym, or 30 more minutes of walking Tahn. Anyway you look at it, I realized Facebook is a waste of time.

I have another week in my cleanse, and I suspect, just like last week, this week may not be any easier. I think, in fact, it may be even harder. But, I am excited to see what I learn next….


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