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Happy Cesar Chavez Day

Since I am an employee of the state of California, (aka a Civil Servant – actually not because I am a contractor and not a permanent employee because of the damn hiring freeze… okay, don’t get me started) I have today off. Not tomorrow. Just today. A Thursday. You would think they would give us Friday off so we could have a 3-day weekend. But, I guess that is not the point. The point is to celebrate Cesar Chavez. (Who I actually think was rad, but I still want Friday off).

All week, I have had ambitious plans of what I was going to do on this day off. So, on Monday I created this list. Tuesday, I confirmed it. And Wednesday, I was actually looking forward to it. Here was the list:

  • Walk Tahn to the dog park, let her play for at least half an hour
  • Vacuum and mop the floors in my apartment
  • Do all my laundry
  • Go to the noon spin class at my gym
  • Shower, then since it’s suppose to be 80 degrees today (I freaking love California) walk Tahn to a nearby park and lay on the grass reading
  • Come home and get ready for happy hour
  • Attend happy hour with my friends, enjoying the 80 degree weather

Now, it is Thursday morning approximately 9:30am. This is what I now want to do:

  • Drink another cup of coffee while watching the last episode of “Californication” on my Netflix DVD
  • Drive Tahn to the dog park, let her play for a half an hour
  • Put some clothes in the wash – but only things I really need for the upcoming week
  • Walk Tahn to a nearby park and read
  • Go to happy hour

Sigh. At least I had good intentions.


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No Cable Here

One of the things I was excited about in my new apartment was getting cable TV. I just couldn’t wait to get cable and DVR. I have a few favorite shows that I just love and usually can’t catch them when they air. Thus, the love of DVR. Although it is crazy expensive to have cable, DVR, and internet it was totally worth it for me!

However, in my current financial situation I just couldn’t afford it. So, I was going to put it off until sometime in the near future and just watch a lot of movies until then. Then, for Christmas, my dad got me a Roku box. Yes. A Roku box. In is a very niffty little device that allows you to watch Netflix Instant Movies as well as Hulu Plus (and other instant TV shows).

When I finally got internet in February, I could hook up my Roku box. Instantly, I loved it. Only paying around $8.00 a month (for Hulu Plus), I got to instantly stream TV shows and movies to my TVs. Also, I get to stream movies straight from my Netflix account.

So, guess what? I am not getting cable anymore. I’m going to keep my $100 a month, Comcast. I’m completely satisfied with my TV choices. 🙂

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My New Place

I am so excited. I have my very own apartment. I am the only person who lives there. And, I have the best roommate ever – Tahn. We moved in January 1, 2011. After 6 years and 13 roommates, I finally decided to get my own place. As much as I have LOVED some of my previous roommates, I felt it was time to have more privacy and no one to ask me to do dishes (their dishes or mine…)

Not only do I love the location of my new pad, (downtown with a four minute walk to work) but I also love the layout. One of the problems is that I don’t really have any furniture for my living room or until recently, my dining room. One of my coworkers gave me a great table and chairs, so I’ve spent the last 2 weeks sanding and painting the table and chairs – and they are finally done! Here’s a look at my new place. Next, I’m using my birthday money to buy a couch. More to come soon. ☺

Please note Tahn’s cameo with our new table and chairs. She loves being in pictures….

Oh! And these pictures were taken before I moved in. Pictures of the fully furnished place is coming…. well…. when it’s furnished.

The view of the living room and dining room from the front door.

Another view of the dining room

The view back into my living room. MY living room. 🙂


Tahn with my new table and chairs. Isn't she adorable / weird in pictures?


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Letters from Tahn

I know. I know. I haven’t blogged in over 2 months. Well, I moved to my first solo apartment (more about this coming soon) and I didn’t have internet for the first 45 days at my new place. I now have internet, and I am back to blogging!

I am away from home working this week, so my wonderful dad is taking care of my sweet Tahn. He kindly sends letters to me from her. Please see two letters from her below.

Have a great one!


Dear Mum,

Grandpa changed the oil on the truck this morning.  He took me out to help him, but he took me through the garage door. I hate going through that door so I was very upset.  So, he took me back inside, then brought me out through the front door.  I was so happy!  I sniffed around out front for 1/2 hour or so, Grandpa didn’t worry about me at all.  When I was done sniffing I sat in the driveway, close enough to help Grandpa but far enough to be out of the way.  I just sat there, being so good!  And, Grandpa let me ride in the truck when he backed it on and off of the ramps.  That was fun!

Now the dishwasher is coming so I’m going to have to help install it.  I’m going to take a little nap first to re-charge!!!



Dear Mum,

Things have taken a turn.  Grandpa and I finished installing the dishwasher.  He was hungry so he made himself a sandwich.  Naturally I thought I was getting one as soon as he took out the bread.  HE DIDN’T GIVE ME ONE!!!!

Tonight, when he sleeps, I’m going to give him a bite…then blame it on the feral cat!!!

Love, Tahn


(A litte back story – Tahn has been getting peanut butter sandwiches with medication in them for her ear infections. She gets very upset if she doesn’t get a sandwich if you pull bread or peanut butter out….)


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