Things I like this week (vol. 6)

As I am settling into my new life in San Diego, I have a few things I really like this week:

I love how Elizabeth from Flourish in Progress is still writing a hilarious blog despite being super sick in the hospital and doctor’s can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong.

I am totally inspired by Stefanie’s weight loss. I am even more inspired by her sobriety and how freaking hilarious she is. I also loved her book.

I watched Emily’s pregnancy journey for the past few months and I was moved to tears when I saw this post about the birth of her son.

On my drive home today, I heard this NPR story written by Amy Dickinson about the late Elizabeth Winship, the advice columnist who wrote “Ask Beth” for the Boston Globe. I was sitting in my car in complete awe of the words Amy used to describe Elizabeth.

“She studied psychology and it showed — but her primary quality was her humanity.

She delivered her wisdom with warmth, intelligence and integrity, sparked by Boston flint.

She was the real deal. Authentic. Just how she advised millions of readers to be.”

I hope that one day people will use similar words to describe me.


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