5 Kitchen Tools I’d Love to Have

I have some pretty fantastic kitchen tools. For example: My KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

I LOVE my mixer. And it's PINK. Just like this one.

(image source)

But, there are a few things I’d really like to get one day:

1. A Food Processor

(image source)

I would love to have a food processor. I keep finding great recipes that require a food processor – and I can’t make them. Plus, it is an essential for making a flaky pie crust.

2. An Immersion Blender

(image source)

Ahh. The Immersion Blender. Oh, how I love thee. I can make soups, and blend all sorts of yummy things.

3. A Double Boiler

(image source)

This is the inspiration for this post. I was making my favorite home-made candy (melted chocolate chips with marshmallows and sliced almonds) and while melting the chocolate in my ad-hoc janky double boiler, some water boiled over into my chocolate and totally ruined the consistency… So sad.

4. Cookie Sheet with Edges (aka a Jelly Roll Pan)

(image source)

I really enjoy roasting veggies with olive oil and I’m always afraid the oil will drip into the oven and I’ll have another smokey house situation

5. A blender

(image source)

Not to be confused with the Immersion Blender. This is for smoothies and such.

One day. One day, my friends.


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5 responses to “5 Kitchen Tools I’d Love to Have

  1. I would HIGHLY recommend an immersion blender. We use ours all the time and I think we ended up just getting one at Target and it was pretty reasonably priced. I wasn’t sure we would use it that often but we DO and I am always singing its praises!

  2. I’m definitely on-board with the need for proper double-boilers; I’ve cobbled random pots together on a few occasions but it’s always a bit touchy, and I’m constantly afraid of either water spilling in or burning.


    I agree on Immersion blenders. They are good. And now a days they are available in variety of color. check it out http://gan.doubleclick.net/gan_click?lid=41000000000373657&pubid= 21000000000396892 Hope you find your choice of color.

  4. You are so lucky to have the pink KitchenAid mixer. So beautiful. I always use the blender for a fresh smoothie. Yum.

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