My New Place

I am so excited. I have my very own apartment. I am the only person who lives there. And, I have the best roommate ever – Tahn. We moved in January 1, 2011. After 6 years and 13 roommates, I finally decided to get my own place. As much as I have LOVED some of my previous roommates, I felt it was time to have more privacy and no one to ask me to do dishes (their dishes or mine…)

Not only do I love the location of my new pad, (downtown with a four minute walk to work) but I also love the layout. One of the problems is that I don’t really have any furniture for my living room or until recently, my dining room. One of my coworkers gave me a great table and chairs, so I’ve spent the last 2 weeks sanding and painting the table and chairs – and they are finally done! Here’s a look at my new place. Next, I’m using my birthday money to buy a couch. More to come soon. ☺

Please note Tahn’s cameo with our new table and chairs. She loves being in pictures….

Oh! And these pictures were taken before I moved in. Pictures of the fully furnished place is coming…. well…. when it’s furnished.

The view of the living room and dining room from the front door.

Another view of the dining room

The view back into my living room. MY living room. 🙂


Tahn with my new table and chairs. Isn't she adorable / weird in pictures?



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12 responses to “My New Place

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  8. Your place is adorable and a 4 minute commute to work? Best part – ever.

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