Letters from Tahn, Part II

Since I was gone this weekend at the Kinetic Grand Championship, Tahn stayed the weekend with her Grandpa. Usually, Tahn has a great time at her Grandpa’s. But, this weekend, my dad (Tahn’s Grandpa) had a lot of house work to do, and Tahn was not happy about it.

Back by popular demand, (I say “popular demand” loosely) I present you more Letters from Tahn:

Dear Mum,
Well, last night Grandpa and I went to bed around 11.  He moved my bed into his room and I went to bed and he went in to have a shower.  When he came out he went into his office to look at your computer as he was running anti-virus on it.  I came out to see what he was doing and he gave me pets.  Then I went back to bed, but I’d forgotten where it was!  I wandered around the living room then came back to see Grandpa.  I was upset!  Grandpa showed me where my bed was and I bunny-hopped into it!  I was very happy!!!
Love, TAHN
Dear Mum,
So, Grandpa left me all alone to go off to get the baby.  When he got back he noticed little pieces of wood all over the house, but didn’t know what they were.  Eventually he found enough of them to figure out they were golf tees.  He had left his golf bag unzipped and I found them!!!
He is wondering:
1. How long I searched before I found them.
2. How I found them at all because they were in a little pocket on the bag that would be hard to locate, especially for someone who can’t find her bed.
3. How I knew they were insignificant and I wouldn’t get in trouble for destroying them.
These are the mysteries of Tahn…
Dear Mum,
Grandpa took me for  a walk after dinner, without the stroller.  He says I was a different dog!  I wandered out in front, I didn’t sit when he stopped, I didn’t pay attention to him at all, NOTHING like when the stroller (I saw wheelchair) was there.  Grandpa thinks he should push the stroller every time we go on a walk, even if the baby isn’t here.  I think that’s mean…
Dear Mum,
I’m mad at Grandpa!  I want to wander in the way the entire time he’s working on the kitchen, and he wants me to lay on my bed.
I’m going to kill him in his sleep tonight…but for now I’m having a little rest.
Dear Mum,
So, I’m having a hard time defining my role today.  Grandpa won’t let me wander around in his way, and I hate the noisy place anyway so that’s OK.  But, when he goes in his office I have to help.  He’s in there now having a little something to eat (didn’t get me anything) so I joined him, but when he starts in again on the kitchen I have to go back to my bed.  I should have come with you camping, I could snuggle with you and keep you warm!!!
Dear Mum,
So, Grandpa was in the garage and I forgot her was here.  You’d think I would hear him sawing and sanding, but…
Anyway, he came back in and caught me in his bedroom.  I was up to something but he didn’t see what, and I’m not telling!
But, I was very guilty so I ran into his office to hide.  He made me go to my bed…now I’m in time-out…
Dear Mum,Well, Grandpa is getting lazier and lazier.  This morning I had to jump up and give him kisses to get him going.  I got very excited and nearly jumped onto his bed!!!  And, every time he pets me I attack, I’ve decided to finish him off once and for all.I miss you terribly, every time the neighbor comes home and honks her Honda my ears prick up!!!Love, Tahn

Clearly, Tahn missed me as much as I missed her. Here are some pictures my dad snapped of the sweet, sad, Tahn.

Tahn, having a rest on her bed at her Grandpa's.

Poor Tahn.


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